Alternative Afternoons with Daria and Gustav

Weekdays 2pm - 7pm

Gustav's been at 94/7 since 1995 and his mind is full of 94/7 memories, like the time he brought his son Torsten to the studio as a baby while he was interviewing Moby. Moby asked to hold Torsten and then took off running down the hall! Silly Moby. Gustav is a big fan of EDM/PDX, the mix show he curates every Saturday from 10pm-12am.

Daria started at 94/7 in 1997 and prank-called Gustav on her very first day. Daria began writing her daily "Local Entertainment Guide" storytelling segments after Program Director Mark Hamilton told her, "I think you sound best when you do that thing where you go off on a rant about something." Daria lives and loves in SE Portland with her husband Dallas and son Xander.

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