Passport Approved

Passport Approved

TOM VEK - "Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)" (Moshi Moshi, UK) Luck 4:03
THE FAULTS - "Alexander" (Unsigned, Australia) Alexander 3:57
THE ASTEROID GALAXY TOUR – “Navigator” (Hot Bus, Denmark) Bring Us Together 5:09
THESE REIGNING DAYS - "Thrones" (Unsigned, UK) Opera Of Love 3:47
BEGINNERS - "Who Knows" (Unsigned, N. America) Beginners EP 3:13
TALISCO - "Glory" (Roy Music, France) Your Wish 3:52
MIAMIGO - "Opinions" (Unsigned, UK) Opinions 4:39
HURRICANE DEAN - "Rosehip" (Wintrup, Germany) Rosehip 3:04
THE BLUE VAN - "Illusion" (Iceberg Records, Denmark) Love Shot 3:43
CLUB KURU - "All The Days" (Unsigned, UK) All The Days 4:27
PUGGY - "Move On" (Universal, Belgium) To Win The World 3:29
JÚNĺUS MEYVANT - Color Decay (Record Records, Iceland) Color Decay 4:28
SANTA MARADONA F.C. FEAT LUCY SPRAGGAN - "Give Me Sunshine" (Brock Wild Records, UK) Give Me Sunshine 3:42
* HAMISH ANDERSON - "Little Lies" (Unsigned, New Zealand) Little Lies 3:23
* ITCH - "Another Man" (Red Bull, UK) The Deep End 3:08
* KID ASTRAY - "Taking You With Me" (Cosmos Music Group, Norway) Taking You With Me 3:40
CUT - "Let's Go" (Unsigned, UK) Let’s Go 2:27
MICHAEL SCHULTE - "The Maze" (Very-US Music, Germany) The Arising 3:40
AMBER RUN – “I Found” Pilot EP 4:34
STICKY FINGERS - "Just For You" (Sureshaker, Australia) Land Of Pleasure 3:48
ELIZA & THE BEAR - "Gets Cold" (Mi Familia/Capitol, UK) Gets Cold 3:25
DIGITALISM - "Wolves" (Kitsune, France) Wolves 3:11
THE LULU RAES – "The Way Life Runs" (Unsigned, Austr alia) The Way Life Runs 3:40
BUFFALO SUNN - "Ocean" (Reekus, Ireland) By The Ocean, By The Sea 5:09
POWERS – “Touch The World” Touch The World 3:38
MANFRED KIDD - "Lights" (Unsigned, Sweden) Lights 2:59


SHEPPARD - “Let Me Down Easy” Bombs Away 3:51
SHEPPARD - “Geronimo (Live on Passport Approved)
*ROYAL BLOOD – “Figure It Out” Figure it Out 3:04
* TOBTOK- “Higher Ft. Emil Hero”  (Unsigned, Sweden) Higher 3:11
* GO GO BERLIN - "Hope For The Hopeless" (Mermaid Records, Denmark) New Gold 4:0

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