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STEAK SHACK: The first and only Food Cart in Milwaukie, the Steak Shack is an emerging gem amongst Burger and Sandwich offerings in all of Portland cuisine. Run by 2 friendly fellows, Dave and Chip, who have been in business 2 years, Steak Shack offers a formidable juicy cheeseburger, along with their signature entrée, the Ribeye Sandwich. They spare no expense in constructing a burger which could feed a small family and will certainly leave you satisfied. Chip comes from Utah where Fry Sauce is a requisite condiment, and the Fry Sauce at Steak Shack makes a uniquely delicious teammate to their fries and crisp, flavorful onion rings. At Steak Shack, the sandwiches are not only mouthwatering and legendary, but their servings are huge. They have a set lineup of flavorsome sandwiches, and also have a varying menu depending on the day, including poutine fries and Mahi Mahi fish sandwiches. A great cart to visit on a sunny day located across from the Willamette River on the corner of McLoughlin and Jefferson (right next to the 76 station), the Steak Shack is waiting to fill you up. The Fry Sauce alone is worth the drive!

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808 GRINDS:  808 Grinds has been “Dishing out da aloha” since 2010 and have established themselves in the Portland food cart scene as a must-go. Born and raised in Maui, owners Jensen and Kevin have stuck to their heritage and have re-created a handful of classic Hawaiian dishes.  You can expect large portions with traditional elements, and of course rice and mac salad with every plate. In Hawaii everybody has their own recipe for fried chicken, and everybody boasts that their family’s is the best. Yes, Portland isn’t quite Hawaii, but the 808 Friend Chicken can rightfully make that claim for this city. If Hawaiian style fried chicken isn’t your thing, go for the very popular shredded Kula Pork, or stick with the Hawaiian classic, Shoyo chicken. Even better, make it a combo! No matter what you get, you are guaranteed one thing, amazing Authentic Hawaiian BBQ at one of the best values in town, hands down. Visit their cart at SW 9th & Washington or follow them on Facebook to see where their mobile truck is going to be. You seriously don’t want to miss out on something this good, from people this nice, at this incredible value.

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BRUNCH BOX: Despite being renowned for its vegan friendly culture, Portland is also home to quite a few establishments that take their enthusiasm for meat consumption to another level. One such shining beacon is Brunch Box.  Conveniently entrenched at two different downtown locations, Brunch Box has become a staple for the Southwest Portland lunchtime crowd in its five years of business. Offering an array of breakfast and lunch sandwich options that range from the beautifully simplistic to the outright absurd, Brunch Box is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a delicious bite in a flash (yes, including vegetarian patty choices for the non-meat community.) Have a particular sandwich desire? No problem! Brunch Box provides Build Your Own cards to assist your gastro-driven imagination on its journey to sandwich nirvana. But don’t let the name fool you, Brunch Box is more than a food cart that feeds the lunch starved, over worked masses. Located just blocks from its legendary food cart on SW 5th Ave. sits the first brick and mortar location on SW. 9TH Ave. Open until 10 pm, you will find a selection of fried offerings and milkshakes that add to their beloved canon of burgers from the cart. Did we mention that the 9th Ave. location has beer and online ordering? That’s right! Go to to check out the full menu for the cart and the restaurant, and then shut down your computer and head downtown! 

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THE BURGER GUILD: Did someone say stuffed burgers? The Burger Guild is in the business of creating high quality burgers, for a very affordable price.  All of the burgers start off with grass-fed, hormone free, Cascade Natural ground chuck. From there, they get stuffed full of fresh, tasty ingredients like green peppers and cheddar, mushrooms and Muenster cheese or red peppers, Kalamata olives and feta, and much more! Then they take the patties over an open flame – the way burgers are meant to be cooked, giving them that unique, char-broiled flavor everyone loves.  Next, it gets topped that off with The Burger Guild’s cart-made secret sauces, and served on a fresh baked potato bun.  Burgers aren’t your thing?  Try the divine veggie burger, or the Midwest Classic. The Midwest Classic is a pork tenderloin sandwich that many folks have come to adore.  Being from Illinois, owner Mike has made thousands of these sandwiches over the years and can personally guarantee they are as authentic as it gets. Stop by and try one for yourself, see why they are becoming a local favorite! Also, check us out on Facebook!

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CACKALACK'S HOT CHICKEN SHACK: Portland's best spicy fried chicken, straight out of Ashville, North Carolina.  You'll experience the juiciest fried chicken with our special blend of spices packed right in the crust. We top it off with our spicy sauces - from moderate cayenne blend to a XXX habanero. We have an excellent selection of sandwiches; Try our Jalopy with fresh cut jalapenos, thick cut bacon, melted Tillamook cheddar cheese, and our house made ranch.  Or we'll fix you up our Blue Ribbon Bird with ham, melted swiss cheese, tangy banana peppers and honey mustard. The best of all is our classic Blazer, with our slaw and blazer sauce made in house with sliced pickles.  Yes, we even make our own pickles! All come on bioche sesame buns delivered fresh daily from Fluer de Lis bakery. Looking for something a little different? Go for the Spicy fried chicken salad, shredded BBQ chicken sandwich, or chicken and waffles... Sweet and Spicy. Inner Eastside delivery is provided by com.

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CHEESESTEAK FACTORY: Do you want to experience a real, traditional Philly Cheesesteak from a food cart in downtown Portland? One with mouth-watering seared rib eye, grilled onions and cheese whizz served on a genuine Amoroso roll from Philadelphia? At the Cheesesteak Factory located at 220 SW Stark you can have it all and at only one dollar per inch. If you're not in the mood for a Philly, try the PDX, a smoked prime rib sandwich with melted bleu cheese, sweet peppers, sweet onions and crimini mushrooms served on a sourdough roll. Or give the aus jus soaked roast beef a try with grilled onions, melted gruyere, provolone and parmesan cheese on a french roll. And now, introducing the soon to be famous siracha smoked one pound jumbo turkey leg. These turkey legs are smoked for hours and braised in spicy siracha sauce to give it that burn we all love so much.

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GAUFRE GOURMENT has been wafflin’ since November 2010. You don’t want to miss these addictive waffles created by Charlene Wesler and Michael Susak!  The liege style waffle was invented for the Prince of Liege over 3 centuries ago.  The tradition lives on at the Gaufre Gourmet today where sweet brioche dough is studded with specialty pearl sugar and pressed into our iron imported directly from Belgium. There is a waffle for every occasion; breakfast, lunch, dessert or snack.  Find us on SW 9th street between Alder and Washington.  Definitely check out our award winning Spicy Goat that combines the liege waffle with peppered salami, chevre, arugula, pistachios and a drizzle of Kelly’s Jelly Habanero Pepper Jelly.  If sweet is more your style, try the Chunky Monkey, a delectable combination of our liege waffle, Nutella, bananas, housemade Balsamic Caramel sauce and candied pecans.  This is the waffle that Tyler Florence enjoyed with bacon during our recent appearance as contestants with Food Court Wars on Food Network. Gaufre Gourmet has taken on the challenge that any dish can be made into a waffle.  The Biscuit and Gravy is a new twist on the old favorite.  Fresh buttermilk biscuit dough is pressed in the waffle iron and cooked to golden brown perfection.  Mike's housemade gravy is then smothered on.  You can stop there, but why would you when you can add an egg and bacon for a filling down home dish. Whether you are looking for something sweet or savory or even a little in between, Gaufre Gourmet has you covered.  You can catch them at the cart, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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RIP CITY: Portlanders love a place to eat at a great price.  Clint Melville, owner and operator of Rip City Grill, pours his heart into his business and is truly a master on the grill. At Rip City Grill, the tri-tip sandwich is the main attraction.  It’s a mouth-watering, cooked to order, choice beef, grilled onion, barbecued sauced, steak sandwich on a toasted bun for just $7! Add a tasty “style” to your meal. Your choice of cheese, avocado, bacon, maple bacon, jalapeños, and mushrooms are available. Wanting something a little lighter?  Try the grilled chicken sandwich, or the steak salad with avocado, tomato, grilled onion, balsamic and blue cheese – it’s phenomenal and very popular with the ladies! Besides being one of Portland’s most loved food carts, Clint at Rip City Grill also does on site catering for events, with a giant wood fire barbeque.  Come try the best steak sandwich in Portland. You won’t be disappointed!  Visit us on Facebook.

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ROAD RUNNER BBQ:  As Portlandians we feel we have everything we need, but in fact we’ve been missing something. Good ol’ Texas style Mesquite BBQ.  Jimmy Hart, a Texas native and retired professional Meat cutter, and his family have filled that void with Road Runner BBQ. Jimmy doesn’t need to tell you that he smokes his brisket for 15 hours, he lets the huge smoke ring left on the meat after a smoking session tell you. Jimmy doesn’t need to explain that the best way to enjoy “Pork Butt” is chopped and not shredded and smothered in sauce, he lets the natural flavor which is saved in the process inform you.  Jimmy doesn’t need to mass produce his BBQ because he and his family are in this for the chance to do something they love with the people they love. They just so happen to be pros at what they do. Jimmy cooks the meats and makes his own rubs, his wife, Pauline, hand makes all the sauces and sides, while their daughter, Tammy, worries about everything else so her parents can focus on the food. Visit Road Runner BBQ at Carts on Foster and taste for yourself what a true Texas family Mesquite BBQ tastes like.

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THE COOP: Who’d a figured that the combination of a classic breakfast favorite and a staple of the family dinner combined on a single plate would make for a wonderfully, guilty pleasure that cures ones hunger and satisfies each one of your 10,000 taste buds. Really, it doesn’t matter who thought of combining chicken and waffles together, just know that The Coop has mastered it! The Coop, already gaining recognition on the national level, is on the climb to become one of Portland’s go-to food carts. The Coop recognizes that there is no need to complicate such a beautiful thing as the impeccable combination of Chicken and Waffles. You’re not going to find any crazy fusions, no ironic twists, or a selection of hundreds of flavors. You’re going to find one thing, perfectly fried pieces of succulent chicken atop of your choice of a bacon, corn bread, or buttermilk waffle. With sizes ranging from a wing and a waffle for only $5 to the ultimate concoction of chicken and waffley goodness, “The Swaggy,” which consists of 2 waffles, 2 wings, and a breast for $12. No matter what you get, be prepared, you may experience the peculiar feeling of satisfaction, something that is lacking nowadays.  If you’re missing a little satisfaction in your life or simply want a taste of quality food for a good price, come visit The Coop inside the food cart mecca known as Cartlandia off SE 82nd. 

Mobile Text Coupon Offer: "THECOOP" to 44624 to receive $1 off your next order AND a free soda.

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