Producer Brian chats with Pearl Jam

Wednesday, May 17th

Mike and Stone from Pearl Jam chatted with Producer Brian about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, their favorite places to visit in Portland, and the importance of giving back to the community through their Vitalogy Foundation. $2 from every ticket sold to our Best Show of the Year (So Far) - Part 3! with Foster the People and Sir Sly September 2nd at Edgefield will go to the Vitalogy Foundation to benefit the MyMusicRx program at Children's Cancer Association.


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Mike Stone ideas Dylan I ran as my life life does go on this morning I'm get them on my fourth. Shot of espresso I think and and I'm really minimizing Greta how much that really bad stuff. Yeah I can over the back on how much coffee goes into my Beagle mug over here I just know I've had. Maybe two let me Ali skated and yeah they stand that. Some mornings he might just need a little bit more you know windy and I'm drinking. That's the question style and what is not in my usual cut off it's 11 AM. I have to buy a lot. You've got to stop and then windows ago turned a beer. Eleventh. That's accord brought into the bathroom and a beer opens so. Mississippi cap yeah sickness to go cup here that what's appeared rather than. I got to ask you guys you know seeing you know it is near 9 o'clock in the morning what is the most rock and roll thing anybody can do at 9 o'clock in the morning. Still be up. And I were in the area on Iraq general today we showed up to the building I think before anyone we are there any addition here and we are right on time and their like looking into they're going this is not what you predicted would do that yeah this is the most. It's not rocket oral. And that's where more we've got more of that. So much for taking the time to join us here tonight for seven down here Portland Oregon and got to ask you when you guys get a chance to come down here do you like a paper spot that you make it a point that you have to go visit. Powell's books. Pleasure to hold that bookstores incredible. Off every aspect and at that time no wonder that one of the halls aisles. Yeah for hours on and you realize oh my god I'm a sound check out pick and it's amazing that's right yeah it's my. Forty ego stone I'm trying to think of what the big park isn't in right downtown Portland got all the running trails line. Yeah I know exactly what's it called. That is the part I know it'll let it will and it. To go to a huge learning about an odd. Now the huge green though like I loved around the river that's great out that's used to where I go down down by the river so cassettes were station is needed just run all we have to downtown. But there's also the rose park that's up but the zoo area where it's just a big trail everywhere there. At the pros a lot of beautiful yeah outdoor parks and places like that that are yet although the main reason we got guys on here is because we wanna talk about our support with you guys with your foundation by topology foundation and just wanna ask you how did all that get started. I think the foundation got started about fifteen years ago and dom. You know we don't we'd been giving bomb money away to organizations before that but I think that's kind of when we got a little bit more serious about it and sort of kind of doing little bit more. Sort of efficiently in terms of getting ups. It's nonprofit status. And it's just it's grown and grown every year and we continue to get away probably more money each year than. Then the last. And it's really become central to the band and who we are is just making sure that there's always some. Element. Charity and and integrating with a lot of organizations at the local level where replay. Now I'm also an hour at our hometown level and West Coast and nom. It's something that I think the band just feel so strongly about and it's really. Become part of our identity and and and thank god. Because. It really it really makes this'll. But more about the just rock tomorrow. Exactly exactly we've been partnering up with you guys with the by toll duke foundation for years and no we bites Mike you're can ample ways as we get out last year thank you yeah absolutely and done this year were backing my music RX which is a nonprofit that helps. Give kids a bedside and digital music that are in pediatric hospitals I mean a music so important for kids I mean. I don't know where I'd be without it I don't know where you guys would be without an and that kind of brings me to my next question what she is. What was the first true musical moment that just said you know what I got to do this. I gotta be in music. I for me is. Significantly. Singing I've let I was on the bus and sixth grade that's that met this dynamic trio and it just lunch box and an it's just I didn't know anything about. I met her music didn't make anything any sense to me really as it benefits as music and that's gotten a deal so missed. And I saw this let's box we talked about it next thing now on them and and heard time and everything changed around that time so that's. This is Mike that's the thing for me. I don't know eleven I don't know what it was it might have been I'm going to see bands in the in the early eighties and passing of ankle tales of terror. And and they were sort of there was I was seeing a lot of punk rock at a time but they were like the first punk rock crown that was kind of also playing slow and kind of heavy metal stuff. Along with punk rock and I don't think ever recovered from back 'cause they were so wildly drawn to him and having so much fun at hand and there was probably about thirty people in the club but it was like every single person was either on stage or. Falling on the ground and there was such a liberating thing and I could tell that. It of their level of about professionalism. It wasn't about being a professional wasn't about. Like knowing exactly what you're doing it was just kind of about the spirit of of rock and pomp and I've really been affected me. Yeah that's awesome that's awesome. Elmo shows were like you said work. Everybody. Is part of it it's not just the bandits everybody it's just one big collective group a unit. And all of that and a lot on your website that you guys posting your when he goes see. If you go look for two words what what you guys are doing you have a countered there that you pay played so far 960. Stuck and shows and Al all those shows. There's one that just to this day just stands out the most edges it it always is like from your most memorable show. I think as number 703. Patently. Or was it three well. Yeah they're all significant certain ways. Well I think we played him her theater thing was that a big thing for. In terms of significance and yeah that was a long time ago. Our fourth show in Philadelphia Horry played every summer we ever out yeah I'm an Akron and then we've been they had done confetti for Mike McCready ego. I love death and pet I mean that's a lot of confetti. And it runs on confetti and though it. It was just like yes it was like him but he's never experience have as far as like wow this is just like it's just like the won't get into world again that so much paper on the ground and actually called a that brings it up and doctors in question everytime I tell people him to go interview Pearl Jam or you know this other artists ever was like all. Do you ever get nervous about it now and what is I'm Noah talked with Mike and on talk that he wants four years ago by. How do you guys ever been intimidated to play an arena. Constantly. Which just I really to be little because like let's intimidated by under bush the last night and I only two nights ago. They've they've Elway out of that than your talk about present clients are doing and transit Gladys benefit. And flight to Mars is my bandits or fifteenth anniversary. And benefits the open up an eight day blew us. Off the stage basically bet I think they've made us they made our game kind of go higher and that was. A little bit intended but and again late night and I need data needed because they go in I mean. These are young girls that are just rock and hard of an ethical and Mike's been headed into all of your contract. Every year old. There to blow. Athletic ticket data erupted at the professionalism. But let those kind nights happen all the time were like you know. Or you go on you open up word you know you two were you open or The Rolling Stones. You know for these fans realize it or you know. And Italy two minute that. Really cool room and it's. That's significantly. Nervous about it and it is raining to elect him and sometimes sometimes the crowd. It's a beautiful sometimes crowds are so I noticed particularly in places like Italy and America where the fans are so. Excited and so. And passionate about the music that you feel like oh my god I hope we can go out there and like just reduce our single hander reserve got totally alike. And it's it's it's surreal sometimes. Argentina is an example of that for shirt and there's footage we've got to we've had to stop playing a few times and else. They'll sing their countries it's kind of football yeah I he soccer chant back and you got to kind of wait Britain. So respect today at least in my mind in India do so it's it's overwhelming. And a great way yeah it's always an I love that every two at every video I've seen a bands at a played down there and they start that that is justly you know since chills down your spine and even though you're not there I mean it's still. Does our inspiring and a here's a three part question that will only have one answer of that these three things which will happen first. A new Pearl Jam album. A new album from Temple of the Dog or a citizen Dick reunion. I imagine a pro memorex it'll have a friend is really over the citizen day. It well a citizen Dick are you could be actually pretty simple if Matt Dillon was just an account at any point at them and we just and is an egg laying around yes. I could have been but in someone's. Apartment or a bar and now. Now I don't plug a prosumer there were just kind of beginning the writing process right now and kind of plugging away at element so. Perfect perfect ten min now obviously we'll probably see two were coming out. Release and now after and I think will be on the road next Syria. I don't handle siesta back to town because I missed the last show I don't know what I was doing Roseanne but I always known as mr. Nawaz totally bombed the soccer world. Lou we'll be back. Irritated about in his letter K record. Down their rent. I only heard that and build all live album out that came out and Doggett stadium. Lou as any rumblings I am I haven't heard much about rumblings that I know they're here. Craig and some Som recently so unlike only to hear and record the lively political yeah and it was funny because Eaton that you mention I was thinking about it because I just was up in Seattle to go see you too of course when you drive back DC Slater Kenny yet how would the deal and it had I'm not that there's us at UT shows amazing how much god that was. Beyond a spectacle that was absolutely I remember seeing them in 1986. On that same tutoring in LA and new order opened up and it was you know. That is significant both times again. Yes I doubt about it the gonna. But yet they really do and that was my very first time ever seeing a live now well the last two times they've been able to come to Portland. We weren't able to go my wife and I because well we were. Pregnant which shall go out a settlement can do it's. We did it for Mother's Day trip and it was it was amazing was well worth being X retired the next morning's. And seeing how we're about ten minutes into the interview we haven't even mentioned you guys being inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame what what what is that experience like Korea. If this does any you know me not ever for a as my other safer for. I I was very and humbled by it and it was a cool experience for me. I've never driving there and thinking I've this is pretty cool I'm excited about and also is completely nervous about it and so sorry calling it ongoing hey I am nervous about this and what they do a lot of line. And this Tenet had some. Counseling I SSL Canada and I you know I started feeling more excited about it and and we got there it was it was very officially run I fell and it was good to run into the trees and again NC Jack irons. Men and and see all these amazing bands I can see yes that Gigli and Asia. That was just done unreal the watched. And that and it to boxing's pretty cool to us it and I the whole thing for me in terms of of value I think it was it was cool and I and I will always cherish that time and look at it as a significant thing so. From absolutely not absolutely look juncture. I'm right Anita gravel of those he was Jeff and it is slow thoughtful in terms of what bands that he feels. And he would heat. Knows in his heart and has done his research in what should be in there that's him have that same kind of conversation with. People from the rock hall of fame and go lone occupant X and act like you know these are out there and I don't know that was on their trajectory that yes they're kind of help that out. Yeah and that's what it because you bring that up and seeing that your because every time that list comes out the rock and roll mom here at our sister station KG UN iris terrorists and we always have this army and it is days and hours long conversation about. Why isn't this bad why isn't this person inducted in. I got to ask you before you both the guys who's the one band or artist that you feel needs to be in the hall of fame that isn't there yet. You and secure I think probably be one of the ones for me yes absolutely I'd say acts. Absolutely yeah yes to both iron made into Nevada look their best thing is like you always get you know we don't want any just like why at that they should have been. And Lizzie and there too you know I'm gonna go down should then I'll go on good and that. There are a lot and that's the point yeah you know. There you know is it who knows what the writers you know. Here for sure oh absolutely absolutely I cut them last year on the plate here and it was still amazing I mean throughout and a half hours of just brilliance it was a great guitar player yeah really that's what people and not known for that right yeah yeah. And but as we wrap things up I always love ask in this one question because I always get this every now again when ago. Do my late night grocery shopping which is what is the strangest place you've ever heard of Pearl Jam song being played. Food. I wish I had some of this guy. Many young strained but I don't quite now I don't know back advances that we. How what next year we cannot really get scary think about it because in my pop up on because like this and I would just the other day I had to stop at Safeway and there's a Safeway on the way home. Because you should do knights and so when I do my grocery shopping is about 1230 at night. And ocean's most poignant and oh yeah and I was like oh. Wait a minute and speaking of acts like about a month ago it was burning council blog about thirty at night grocery shopping and it's like. Did they got the crowd page here the opposite path back I. Think this souped up. It is an area. Well my. Guess it just don't think you guys so much for taking time and do on this end we're always proud oh because over the by told you foundation and like it's a before two dollar some every check. With third latest concert series the best show of the year goes to my music RX and thank you so much for everything you guys do and always look the music and always that you guys were taken the time to join us down here import thank you so much for partnering with us it's really it's really great about my collaboration and it just helps us. And helps us get this money to the right places. Now absolutely Becky got so much for the time and have a great morning and opened a coffee keeps on going for a owe it well but I grant that pepper gets have a great day. I hit it right banks.