Moses... TIN CAN / 3.14.17

Tuesday, March 14th


"You gotta let him know who's boss right away...!"


All right Karen got Moses the dog. For protection from her fifteen years older standup comedian former boyfriend. Mr. suck cats who was anything but funny in the way he was with her during an especially after. There since she was criminally underage relationship. Imagine John Cusack as Lloyd doppler standing undying courts lawn with a boombox over his head as she told him that was over. Now picture if Lloyd dobbs where it was ten years out of college wearing only boots in the same pair of underwear he account for two weeks. Instead of in your eyes by Peter Gabriel song of the boom box was evil woman by the white men Afro style into the yellow. And a Lloyd Carr Bryant's name across the forehead with a curved point tip of the tiny metal file inside a pair of nail clippers. That was mr. suck yes. None of Karen's old friends and knew that she moves organ for college only her immediate family. But ominous phone calls let Karen to suspect. That mister suck S might have picked up on her trail hence the acquisition of Moses. Moses was part of a police dog guard dog training program. But deemed non placed the ball. Do you find pet though Ian told Karen and her dad when they went to pick them up. You want him for protection all hell yeah he'd be perfect for that you be kids dear now that's probably get it. Any other pets do you yet know that's real good dumb a good boy you just got to let him know who's boss and he'll be all right to big arm you know. He got a let him know who's boss right away. And you're gonna wanna not come up on and in surprise in my sleep Pena and you're gonna another room while you're getting his food ready you and I mean does. Just getting on the floor before you. Let him in to see because he put it down while he's there he might. You can hander finger just little bit there it goes. Does what to call those stick leather workload. No now I'll probably all right. What do you think honey Karen's death master. He's perfect said Karen. Watching Moses is combination German shepherd Rottweiler and Bullmastiff form. Carrying around in circles throwing up dust in the owners fenced in pounded Dirk yard. The owners face brightened yeah that's great he says happily. You see immediate tin can. Most think Caron to to each other immediately. Already completely trained Moses obeyed Karen's every command with speed and devotion. Sadly. Moses didn't take two people in Karen's proximity quite so well. Anyone that approached her he perceived as a threat. Anyone that made eye contact with her for too long he perceived as a threat. All other dogs he perceived as a threat. People on bikes skates skateboards he perceived as threats Moses perceiving something as a threat was manifested by lowering of his usually large flat ground head. Looking up with the size. In raising both sides of his mouth and snarl and showing his will vary impressive fangs as he gave a low constant guttural growl. He was too well trained to actually make a lunge without the command but all he could tell how much you want to who. You could tell that a single word from Caron. And whatever threat he was perceiving would have a throat like linguine noodles in sauce in a matter of seconds. Karan showed him who was box Moses he showed everybody else who spots. All know most is just accept that's just an act you fully Karen would protest. If you acted at all reluctant to go read a touring giver hugs say or god to Moses and try to scratch his ears. He can't be tentative with and she'd say you've just got to go Moses and give us poem about like this quack quack when her hand. In firm friendly path and Moses is huge Pringle backside. It was a good doctor Moses Moses Moses is that the dog toys emotions he is a Moses Jesse has yet he has a Moses. And Moses is tailored wagons ears and relax and go back. And his tongue would hang out the side and he would have closed eyes and pure adoration. You try to say. Moses he might say and begin to reach your hand forward and Moses. And would lower eyes up that book curl tell freeze in place quivering is still would quiver at the end like a rattlesnake. He'll let you might cynnex go like cut. This thing and then usually even if you're lucky it wouldn't be on a bike or skate through skateboard. Listen to this list and a great enemies in the sister Karen. I got another one of those late night real late night phone calls were known was speaking on the other end. So it was back when Moses still really hated the telephone so when I answered and I want hello hello Moses was is going berserk in the background you can park really loud. And so I guess on the airline hung out of the was Tammany hasn't held back since clicking view which he now. And suck guest does just randomly shop one day I would like to try and see our try to see. In the cycle on because Moses is always with me aren't you Moses whose emotions are two PP. Moses wasn't found always with Karen as we spoke Moses was with her right by her side parking and looking delighted whenever she mentioned his name. And fortunately we were all sitting on a bench inside by the shell into the swimming pool in the sports owner with Lara I was supposed to be like guarding where dog. Was most certainly not supposed to be. Oh relaxing Karen when I pointed this out. Very gently. Which is how most people spoke current Karen these days nobody cares cities in here look at just that one guy swimming laps and that other guy sitting on the side over there. With second doing anyway I don't know I think he's totally weird he never swims he just comes in dangles his feet in the water for like half an hour. And he kicks his feet around and sometimes he makes the bustle muscle with his by set in McFadden in touch is that. He thinks he's being eccentric I think I get pissed off just looking hat. It was a hot and sunny day in the two of them Caron and Moses had come in through propped open emergency exit to decide. Mr. suck ass I remembered from seeing a snippet of an actor and TV once long ago. It had a long bid in one of the stand segments about emergency exit exits. Thought it best not to burn its memory with Karen. Seriously until there and you guys camped here have like five bosses and they all peaking randomly all the time to see if I'm going home market for the Washington pull if they see a dog in here there will freak. Karen ruled it's not her eyes couldn't gently. Moved old son home. She intoned with us from remember it's come home snoopy between the saddest of all the peanuts as well. Moses had wandered over the edge of the pool and was lapping up water from the gutter. He came back to Karen Lichter handing gave me look that said I can eat loans larger and stronger than your whole arm every day. He can stand up and drink from water fountains Carey told me I'm trying to get him to hold on the button by himself in the almost thousand. While that's great I said the far end of the pool left I was pulling himself out of the water. He took his talent headed for the locker room. A few minutes later dangling his leg in boy followed suit. That's everybody declared Moses or other care and she turned amounts it's okay voice she said. Who wants to go for a swim go for a swim golf resort Moses before I could even try to protest the 130 pounds of solid dark streaked across the tile in a brown and black Blair. And landed with a splash in the shallow end. Surfacing in paddling in between the wall and a red and white lane divider. Karen left Kathleen clapped her hands the other she turned to me ten bucks as Moses not to Harry sky seen in this pool she told me. Karen I said no you know most have to leave you have to get Moses out of the pool now. There is no sign here that says no dog in the Poulsen carrot that rule is implied I told her. She folded her arms across your chest and turned to look out of Moses who is now nearly halfway toward the deepen and glossy and wet and creating a nice little week. That's prejudiced she declared carrying it's not I said it's health and safety. That's what they tried to tell me in the long term to use I Karen it's ridiculous she thought for men. Haiti she went finally do you think it's illegal. Pretend to be blind if you don't do it for monetary gain I mean. I know it's illegal to pretend to be like a police officer but would not actually be breaking a real law if I got like one of those. Like a small pool cue and painted it white now I said no no no no no with the red tipped continued Caron. He got a hardest for Moses Caron I warrant and that Caron. Her face excited with possibility. I could take Momo on the box I could take human restaurants can take you shopping. Only god I could do my whole thesis on this you know how people reacted differently based on an animal been with you at I never actually came right on so I guess I'm blind it would be a lie so Karen said. How smiles is gonna get out of the pulled on their. Moses was a few feet away from the far end which had only a ladder against the side and the high flat tunnel wall. I'll craps at Karen's scenes claiming she was not blind. She ran off to help Moses out of the pool I got up and sit over near the open exit door hoping to them and get him. They walk pac Moses waited till he was just within saturating distance of me to shake I complain co hole did not. Karen however felt tree. It's just so unfair she said OK I won't get away caned I just think it's unfair because dogs companions. One as a dog when dog is a sweet is my Moses why can't he come into a restaurant if he just sits there is good. They like crying screaming and noxious kids into restaurants I don't see a dozen dogs and one kid screaming. And you some restaurants are market accommodating than others but. I mean no one is coming dogs lucky lab that played out Karen clip Moses lesion on his caller oh yeah she said. Yeah Moses and Ireland back in there. This guy accidently spilled beer and food Fries on mean Moses kinda. Her voice trailed off and she shrugged Moses looked at me and smiled big whipped cream and he later said Carrie and reached an attorney for half hug. Hunter with one arm keeping its much of my body away from hers is like couldn't keeping both eyes on Moses. The two of them left out the exit door and I saw them cross over the long pass along pull side wall of windows the stretch some still believe the ground. Karen turned toward cleanly. Moses followed her keys and looked right out in the mouth the words. Know who poems and movement. 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