Local Natives ::: 94/7 Session

Monday, September 19th


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Okay. Thank you all for coming. We're gonna have we prepared sending special for this this occasion that we haven't we don't really do this in this way. Play like this yeah. You're welcome. It. It's me. The. Name. It's. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Thank you very much. So anybody come Minnesota night. Possibly. Love love love being beaten Portland. Think he has so much for being here at this period of play you. A bunch of news on us from our public you know week in two days ago. Still fills vacant us. It's. And so it's then. Today. And playing. And and I did CV. So I am yeah. You win games and and Lulu. Sin. It's. You knew these. CNN. So. Move them. It's. It's. Okay. Yeah. It's. It's. Lose lose. Hidden. It's. It's. I had so. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Lou it's. Lose its. Yeah. And moon moon. And now. Now. Okay. This is a song from our first album. Yeah. And. Okay. It's okay. Moon blue. And the see it's okay. CN less okay. There. And ahead. Yeah. It's. The suns coach fountain of youth and. Yeah. Theme between Venice. And things. Man. King yeah. Yeah. I have no way it's. So alone witnesses. Nancy ends. His book this thing passes. And it's. I spent vast. Mean yeah. Services yeah. I. I. Yeah I mean that in instances. These yeah. King king could send them. Scares us the and I came key to send him an error in the face. It's ten stone. He'd say. Okay. Thank you so much resemble my song for you guys. Thank you to can irritate for having us out today appreciate it very much. This this song is also on our record some youth. It's called the dark days. And. As soon. Okay. Do. Yeah. Yeah. And her. Thought he asked yeah. Remove. I. It's. And I. I. The news and. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh. Thank you so much you guys thank you for having us. The season begins tonight at the it was so ball room. But you very much think.