New Music Heaven

Zipper Club ::: Going the Distance

Zipper Club is at its core a union of like-minded musicians (Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie of Lissy Trullie) who share a musical story and, through their respective former bands, have each navigated the rocky waters of the music industry. The result is a blissful head rush of a...
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Nahko and Medicine for the People ::: Love Letters to God

One could understand if Nahko hung onto negativity after learning that he is product of a mother who was just 14-years-old when she was forced into human trafficking. He was adopted at 9-months-old and in his 20s, learned about his family’s tragic backstory. This is the inspiration for his life's...
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Charming Liars : Soul

UK natives Charming Liars relocated to the sunny streets of LA searching for new opportunities and musical growth, culminating in their recently released 12:31 AM EP. "We've spent a lot of time making this new record and we feel as though it's the most honest representation of where we are and more...
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Weathers ::: Happy Pills

Weathers’ darkly tinged, guitar-driven alt-rock song Happy Pills paints a vivid picture of young people who “can’t function without weed” struggling not only to find jobs, but also an identity. But despite the social commentary, Weathers’ songs are ultimately filtered through the band’s deeply...
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The Greeting Committee ::: Hands Down

Formed in 2014, The Greeting Committee consists of vocalist Addie Sartino, guitarist Brandon Yangmi, bassist Pierce Turcotte, and drummer Austin Fraser, all of whom are still in high school. The Greeting Committee’s debut EP titled It’s Not All That Bad captivated the hearts of listeners with its...
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The Hunna ::: You and Me

This UK four-piece worked with esteemed producers Tim Larcombe (Halsey, Lana Del Rey) and Duncan Mills, to create their new single, "You and Me (Hunna Tree)," an anthemic call to arms for their fans and a middle finger to those who aren't convinced. "It's about us as a band - taking the negative...
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Local Natives : Fountain of Youth

Local Natives will release their third album Sunlit Youth , September 9th! The LA five-piece will be at the Crystal Ballroom September 19th to celebrate its release. “A lot of the excitement in making this new album came from discovering how to make songs in different ways,” Ryan Hahn says. “You...
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Honne bring us this week's slice of New Music Heaven

Honne ::: Someone That Loves You

A term with no Western equivalent, the origins of HONNE lie in the Japanese word meaning ‘True Feelings’ (it’s often twinned with ‘tatemae’, roughly translated as the contrasting behaviour or opinions you display in public). It was this fascination with Japan that offered the pair an early porthole...
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Cheerleader A Million Ways

Cheerleader ::: A Million Ways

After a gig in New York, one of the first that Cheerleader even played as a five piece, they were approached by Mark Needham, who invited them to record with him in Los Angeles. Founding members Joe Haller and Chris Duran were at first overwhelmed by the absurdity of the situation. “All of a sudden...
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A free download of Turning Into Water by Maybird

Maybird ::: Turning Into Water

Twangy psychedelia with a funhouse bounce, Maybird modernizes blissful space-rock with a playful sense of pop songwriting. These Rochester, New York native mind-melters emerged in 2013 with Down & Under, a lush headphone symphony which introduced their unique mixture of ELO and The Strokes...
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