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is Beady Eye! Here's a link for a FREE download which I'm sure I'll find a way to love despite the band's horrendous name! http://www.beadyeyemusic.co.uk/

11/10/2010 5:23AM
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11/12/2010 3:11AM
Charles Perkin
I tried the new droid app 2 listen 2 947.fm on my smart phone. When I closed the app after txting my top 9 @ 9 vote. The phone ringer went 2 vibrate and I missed the call for Interpol tickets @ 9. Have you heard of this problem before?
02/20/2011 2:39AM
iphone bluetooth
Aloha Will be there a bluetooth for the iphone 4 apart from the apple iphone wireless bluetooth as well as the JAW BONE wireless bluetooth? I am interested in something a small amount of fewer within value. The jawbone head set there's no doubt that can be $100 maybe a little more and the Apple company Bluetooth is $130. Can anyone know if you have a Wireless bluetooth that may talk with my iphone 4, I see every person finding a large amount making use of their headphones pertaining to similar to 50, 62 even $80 bucks... Please help! Gives thanks!
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