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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 7/11/14

Kurt & Rob Widmer

JJ Cale "Travelin' Light"
Neil Young "Heart Of Gold"
Edie Brickell "What I Am"
Jet "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?"
Band Of Horses "Is There A Ghost?"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (7/11/14)

Miamigo "Opinions" (Brixton, England)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 7/10/14


Coldplay "A Sky Full Of Stars"
Peter Gabriel "I Go Swimming"
Gary Jules & Michael Andrews "Mad World"
Talking Heads "Take Me To The River"
Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (7/10/14)

Taymir "Aaaaah" (Holland)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 7/9/14


The Builders And The Butchers "Barcelona"
Lost Lander "Cold Feet"
Lykke Li "Get Some"
Disclosure "White Noise"
Brainstorm "She Moves"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (7/9/14)

La Roux "Uptight "Downtown" (Brixton, UK)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 7/8/14

Blur "Song 2"
Weezer "Hash Pipe"
Beastie Boys "Sabotage"
Nirvana "Drain You"
White Stripes "Conquest"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (7/8/14)

Circa Waves "Young Chaser" (Liverpool, England)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 7/7/14


The Shins "Caring Is Creepy"
The Black Keys "When The Lights Go Out"
Radiohead "Talk Show Host"
The Pixies "Where's My Mind?"
Portishead "Glory Box"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (7/7/14)

Jungle "Time" (London, England)
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