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Splash Page photo for October 13th

south east portland is so.....cold

It's crazy how the fog just sits on the Willamette River. It's like a wall of ... fog. This was from Saturday and I was hoping it was going to happen again on Sunday but that would of been special, it usually doesn't happen two days in a row. I rushed to the roof of my apartment and took a bunch of photo's with my goofy big lens. It kind of sucks but it does the job I need. You might of noticed I really like Mt. Hood. She's a good little model.

10/14/2008 12:28AM
Splash Page photo for October 13th
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10/14/2008 12:20PM
squid- Your 10/13 pic is amazing! one of the best ever....well the best this week ;)
10/15/2008 12:15PM
I just saw this and wanted to say it was really stunning!
10/15/2008 10:24PM
sarah tomseth
Loved the cherry blossoms, but I have to say, the tone in this pic is might intriguing. It's the way you actually see it.. unfortunately my lenz can't capture what the heart feels in moments like these. Yours seems to have. Love it... sun or moonshine.
10/16/2008 8:10AM
office girl
great pic
10/17/2008 7:25AM
Squid, wonderful again! You have quite the eye.
10/18/2008 9:29PM
Kendra and Carter
My son and I were just sitting here in awe of this photo. Squid, you are an artiste!!! C'est magnifique!
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