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New Music Picks 8/10-14

Monday Michael Franti - Say Hey Pete Yorn w/ Sarlette Johannson - Relator Black Joe Lewis - Get Yo Stuff Cage the Elephant - Back Against The Wall Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition Fleet Foxes - Mykonos Jet - She's a Genius Tuesday Hockey - Too Fake Owl City - Fireflies Pearl Jam - The Fixer Ida Maria - Oh My God Jupitor One - Flamming Arrow Dave matthews Band - Why I Am Depeche Mode - Perfect Muse - Uprising Wednesday Wilco - You Never KNow Pete Yorn & Scarlette Johannson - Relator The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale Phoenix - 1901 The Big PInk - Velvet Dave Matthews Band - WHy I Am Silversun PIckups - Substitution Thursday Spoon - Got Nuffin Jaime T - St Christopher Pete Yorn & Scarlette Johannson - Relator Noisettes - Never Forget You Ida Maria - oh My god Dpeeche Mode - Perfect Friday Black Joe Lewis - Get Yo Stuff Owl City - Fireflies Alice in Chains - Check My Brain Cage the Elephant - Back Against The Wall Fruit Bats - My Unusual Friend Silversun Pickups - Substitution Pete Yorn & Scarlette Johannson - Relator

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