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Squid hits 94/7 every weeknight at 7pm for a Slice of New Music Heaven, your daily repeat of the 8 at 8, and the Buffalo Wild Wings Top 9 at 9!

He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

Splash Page photo for January 6th

Snow Cap Umbrella Man This was taken during the first snow storm before we could count the depth in feet. It's an instant fav for me. I love "Allow Me" man, or known as Umbrella man. The guy who made "allow me" is Seward Johnson and I've looked at a few things he's done and they are usually the same type of guy. Sitting or like ours fitting our weather with the umbrella. I never would of guessed it would be called allow me though. I would think it would have to do with getting a cab not being polite, the opposite of "allow me"

01/06/2009 6:50PM
Splash Page photo for January 6th
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01/10/2009 8:14PM
Rockstar Bruski
Squid, you are such a talented photographer! I love this picture and your comments about it.
01/12/2009 10:45AM
Love it, Squid! The tree in the background really adds depth to the photo. Fantastic
04/21/2010 1:35PM
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