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Splash Page for Sept. 26

This is by far my favorite picture that I have ever taken. When I went to Washington DC when I was in the 8th grade I took a photo of a soldier at the unknown soldier's grave and that is a real close second. I love the way it makes the Mt. look angry and evil, even though Mt hood is not, well unless you try to climb it, then it likes to bite back. Govt. Camp --->

09/26/2008 4:17PM
Splash Page for Sept. 26
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09/27/2008 11:02AM
Sorry to disagree, but the black & white last week was way cooler. So, when are you going to show us the soldier pic?
09/28/2008 9:22AM
Nice pic, Squid! Growing up in Central Oregon, I've always loved the views found on the roads around Mt. Hood. Thanks for brightening my Sunday! : ) ~Kage
09/29/2008 6:58AM
Nice shot! I too like the black & white, but the colors in this one are very nice.
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