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He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

Splash Page photo for Sept. 19th

storm After leaving Mt. Hood Meadow's before you get on HWY 35, this was the view. I couldn't resist and stop and take many photo's. The color version didn't look good. Just like the last couple it's an HDR "High Dynamic Range" 3 photo's blended together. But in black and white it just turned out amazing. I think almost every photo from the Mt. Hood Adventure turned out great..It was a lucky day

09/19/2008 5:40PM
Splash Page photo for Sept. 19th
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09/23/2008 9:26AM
Cindy Blachly
You truly have a talent for photography! Keep your "day job" of course, but I hope you pursue photography also and share this gift with others. You are amazing!
09/24/2008 8:12PM
Cindy Blachly
Okay, I know I'm obsessing, but I saw this and thought of you. Check out www.ngphotocontest.com. The contest categories are People, Places, and Nature. You're that good!
09/25/2008 11:05AM
Wow! Squid, I'm soooo glad you take your camera everywhere. You definitely have a talent. I wish I did!
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