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Splash Page Photo for Sept 4th

Endless I recently did a Mount Hood Adventure with the GF and while taking HWY 35 to Hood River instead of driving the way we came, main reason was weather. We came across this perfect angle sunset on a road called Leisure Drive. It came out fantastic. It was the same post processing as the Morrison Bridge photo. "HDR" It was very story. Expect another or 2 from this trip to be a splash page photo in the future.

09/04/2008 5:33PM
Splash Page Photo for Sept 4th
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09/04/2008 5:56PM
Your pictures rock squid! I often set them as my desktop background...I just put this one up.
09/04/2008 9:40PM
You are a wonderful photographer! i was very surprised when i logged on to the website and was greeted by all your lovely photos! i look forward to seeing many more!
09/05/2008 11:11AM
This one is an amazing shot. It is extremely difficult to get that level of detail in the shadows with the strong light source of the sun. great job.
09/05/2008 6:21PM
I think this is my favorite so far. Nice job, Squid.
09/08/2008 9:32AM
This is a fantastic photo. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this and all of your others. I look forward to visiting the website to see your artwork!
09/09/2008 11:40AM
Another amazing photo, best so far! You have another career opportunity, if you ever need one! I live in Hood River, not far from Leasure Dr. Very cool!
09/09/2008 5:21PM
Rain Fan
You awed your fans at the PCC Bookstore, again, Squid! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
09/10/2008 4:37PM
Awesome, inspiring photograph. This Mt Hood was the first one I've seen, and now I want to find the other ones people here are talking about. Like the others said, please do keep sharing.
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