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Squid hits 94/7 every weeknight at 7pm for a Slice of New Music Heaven, your daily repeat of the 8 at 8, and the Buffalo Wild Wings Top 9 at 9!

He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

This weeks splash page photo 08/18/08

To keep the trend going of me useing the post processing of HDR I thought I would share a photo of the sunset along the Morrison Bridge last week before it started to get so warm we didn't want to go outside. Taking the middle

08/18/2008 6:04PM
This weeks splash page photo 08/18/08
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08/18/2008 7:21PM
Squid got to give you the love man, this piece is out of this world, you should have a show, or at least sell your work I would love a large print of this. Sarah
08/19/2008 8:43AM
Scott Van Schoten
Squid, I've got to say that as a bit of a photographer myself, this photo is amazing. It looks like something that could be used in a movie ad or something. You have a great eye. Keep the great photos coming. Thanks, Scott
08/19/2008 9:46AM
Squid!!!! Love it!This is absolutely beautiful!!!Thank you again for sharing.
08/19/2008 10:21PM
Erin Graham
I saw you taking this picture. I thought what the hell is he doing in the road!!!??? Love your work, I try and look ever week.
08/20/2008 7:49AM
This one is great Squid!! Really nice work!
08/22/2008 7:32AM
truely outstanding artistic vision you have!!! i'm reminded of Jane's Addiction's Then She Did..."if you keep it up you'll be born"
09/04/2008 5:07PM
All of your pics are so amazing. And this one is breath taking. You are a new inspiration to me, cuz I like to take pics too.
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