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This weeks Splash photo 8/4/08

FlugTag  I didn't get a chance to go to Flugtag again this year. Last time I had to pick up my Harley when I had one from the shop and my ride never showed so I had to walk. :( And this year I had a wedding to attend of one of my oldest and best friends. A couple years back I had voiced a couple commercials with him for his restaurants La Costita. I say that because I have been asked, are you that guy from the mexican restaurant commercial. Any hoot I did get a chance to make it down the night before. I live downtown so going home I drove by to check it out and was shocked to see how huge it was. So when it got dark we made our way down there and snapped a few shots. From what I saw on the way to the wedding after flugtag had started I felt pretty good that when I was there, it was only me, the girlfriend, a security guard and a kid on a bike. It was quite and calming. To see some shots by other portland people you can check out the flugtag 2008 flickr group.

08/05/2008 1:16PM
This weeks Splash photo 8/4/08
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08/05/2008 2:21PM
This is really something! Wish I could have been there as well. I've really enjoyed your pictures, your sunet over the bridge is my myspace background, with the knrk logo still on it of course ;) -Brad
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