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Squid hits 94/7 every weeknight at 7pm for a Slice of New Music Heaven, your daily repeat of the 8 at 8, and the Buffalo Wild Wings Top 9 at 9!

He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

This weeks splash page photo 7/28/08

Tiny Horse Tiny horse We have a ton of oldtime horse rings around SE and downtown. ringer You can check out www.horseproject.net for locations and how to's if you would like to attach a horse to the ring. The funny thing is this is my first horse that I have seen. I live downtown and walk around a lot to take photo's and I'm shocked that I hadn't seen one. I take way over 1000 pictures a month average and that means a lot of walking around. BUT, I finally have seen one so, I guess the next step is to attach one.

07/28/2008 7:14PM
This weeks splash page photo 7/28/08
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07/29/2008 4:46PM
Hey Squid! Loved the picture last week but didn't have time to write you, but this week's Tiny Horse is definitely my favorite. I love that kind of stuff. Will definitely find a tiny horse & take it to a ring. Too fun!
08/05/2008 7:10AM
amanda cole
I LOVE your pictures. Please keep posting them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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