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This weeks Splash Page Photo 7/21

So this weeks splash page photo was taken a couple days before the 4th of July and I was trying something different. Their is a process of combining multible photos into one with different exposure to make a super fancy photo, with lots of light and lots of color. It's process is called High Dynamic Range or HDR for short. This was my fist attempt, kind of scary because you can make this type of photo look very bad and glowing. It's ugly. So here ya go.

My First HDR

 Here is a more recent HDR attempt from this weekends photo's I took. I really like the new Dodge Charger and them making it into a police cruiser is awesome. This one turned out good you can tell the HDR'ing by the buildings in the back. It didn't turn out as good as the sunset but more shiny things make HDR look goofy at times.

Here ya go.

that's how we roll

07/21/2008 3:07PM
This weeks Splash Page Photo 7/21
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07/22/2008 2:05PM
Your pictures are amazing and I love all the new and different tributes to Portland!
07/23/2008 2:24PM
I love what an awful job that cop did parking.
07/27/2008 5:18PM
Hey Squid, just browsing your page, you should give Motorcycles a shot at HDR, all the shiny chrome and curves make Killer HDR's, nice Sunset btw, very nice work keeping the foreground in focus during the triple exposure!
08/01/2008 2:31PM
I miss that corner! :( It was so great to be able to live near there even for 9 months. My coworkers eat up all your photos on my computer desktop, thanks for sharing.
08/19/2008 8:21AM
I love the splash screens, Squid, keep up the great work!!!
08/19/2008 10:16AM
Nice new picture as always, keep it up man!
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