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Squid hits 94/7 every weeknight at 7pm for a Slice of New Music Heaven, your daily repeat of the 8 at 8, and the Buffalo Wild Wings Top 9 at 9!

He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

Squid photo's for your Facebook Cover Photo on timeline

 With Facebook pushing out timeline to all it's users one of the new features is a cover photo for the top of your page.

Even with me being a photographer I found it kind of difficult to get a great looking cover photo. So I've made a couple for you to use if you so shall chose. download 1 or all... let me know if you have a photo of mine you want to use or see and I'll make it happen.. Squid@947.fm

right click and save as, then upload to your facebook page. 

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01/30/2012 4:56PM
Squid photo's for you Facebook Cover Photo on timeline
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01/30/2012 7:09PM
Love Your Work
Squid, thanks so much for allowing us to use your photos. I have been a fan or your work for awhile now. Thanks again and congrats on your Photo of the Year award.
02/01/2012 5:09PM
Good pics
What did you take them with?
02/14/2012 7:30PM
I took them with a camera, it doesn't matter.
A Canon 7d to be specific
02/26/2013 7:31AM
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10/07/2013 11:48PM
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Great cover photos for the timeline profile.
10/07/2013 11:51PM
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