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Walkmen Cover a x-mas favorite

I love the Walkmen and I love this song.
The Walkmen cover "Holiday Road"
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Modern Mix 9/18/10

7pm Bootleggers Dozen Beck vs John Lennon - Give Losers A Chance "Arty Fufkin" NIN vs Dust Brothers - Fight Club is Not Enough "ToToM" Beastie Boys vs The Kooks "Sabotaging The Kooks "DJ Schmolli" The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones - Baby You Can Start My Car "DJ Earlybird" The Clash vs Michael Jackson Cover artist - Should I Stay or Should I boogie "Loo & Placido" Gnarls Barkley vs Prince - Crazy Times "Team9" Gorillaz vs My Life w/ The Thrill Kill Kult - Sex Feels Good "Lock3Down" Depeche Mode Vs The Bravery - Honest Loss "DJ Tripp" Weezer vs Steve Miller - Beverly Hills Joker "Rolo" The Caesars vs Duran Duran - Jerk It Out On Film "DJ nite" Oasis vs The Ramones - Wonder Bop "JImmi Jammes" Cobra Star Ship vs Shiny Toy Guns - Snakes On Le Disko "Flipside" Fr4nz F - Do u W4nnA " Joosmf Disk0bxx remix" 8pm Modes Mouse - We've Got Everything Muse - Supermassive Black Hole SIlversun Pickups - Lazy Eye The Killers - WHen You Were Young Tegan & Sara - Back In Your Head Beck - Timebomb Jack Johnson - If I had Eyes Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry Smashing Pumpkins - That's The Way Plain WHite T's - Hey There Dililah Blue October - Calling You 9pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They come "Carl Noren & Swedish Egil Mix" Paul Oakenfold ft. Matt Goss - Firefly "Matt Loverush UK Remix" Sander Van Doorn - HYMN 2.0 Dezarte & Michael Manzano - Soul is In The Air Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit "Rene Amesz Bootleg" Julian Ann - Confess "Robert Vadney dub Vocal" Nat Monday - Break and Fall "Adam White Remix 2010" Stoneface & Terminal - Moment 10pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... Robert Vadney - CLub Perfecto Jan Johnson - Sleeping Satellite "Robert Vadney's Blamed Remix" RoBert Vadney - Fallen Angel "Oakenfold remix" Paul Oakenfold - SOuthern Sun "Roman Hunter Mix" Mansun - Wide Open SPace "Greg Downey remix" The Fraction - Awaken "Torin & Schmitt remix" Chakra - Home "Kaluss Goulart Bootleg" First State ft Sarah Howells - Brave "Myon & Shane 54 remix' 11PM Gustav's personal collection mix Michael Salvatori “Never Forget” (tritonal halo 3 remix) Kings Of Leon “Sex On Fire” (house daddiez rocknrolla remix) Pobsky “Final Cloud” Weezer “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” (steve aoki remix) New Order “Crystal” (jc & sk mix) Peter, Bjorn & John “Young Folks” Satellite Party “Wish Upon A Dogstar” (eddie baez club mix) Sneijder “Away From Here” (arty remix)
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Modern Mix 9/11/2010

7p Bootleggers Dozen Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Gorillaz - Feel Good man! "aggro1" Beastie Boys vs Blondie - The Beastie Rockers "Fujikato" Ray Parkers JR vs NIN - The Ghost that feeds "nathanchase" GreenDay vs Oasis - Blvd of Broken Songs Dance Mix '05 "Party Ben" The Flaming Lips vs Marvin Gaye - Whats goin' on Yeah "Team9" Imogen heap - Hide and Seek "Tommie Sunshine's acid edit" Vampire Weekend vs Rupert Holmes - Pina Horchata "Team9" Andrew WK vs Beastie Boys - Andrew Fights for His RIght "TimG" Smashmouth vs Arctic Monkey's - Walking in San Fran "Synchronoize" Gnarls Barkley vs Avalanches - Crazy Avalanches "Cheekyboy" The Go! Team vs Radiohead - Grip Like a Rechoner "ToToM" 8pm Muse - Starlight Rob Zombie - Dragula Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill NIN - The Hand That Feeds The Killers - When You were Young Keane - Is It Any WOnder RHCP - Tell Me baby Fatboy Slim - Praise You Beck - Nausea Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes Coldplay - Talk 9pm Paul oakenfold Presents... Paul Oakenfold ft. Matt Goss - Firefly "Matt Loverush UK Remix" Tritonal - Utopia Faithless - Not Going Home "Eric Prydz Remix" David Tort,Normal Doray - Chase The Sun Arteno Divini - Who's Next Faarsheed ft. Cari Golden - Daniel Big World - Quadrillion "Moquai Remix" Philip D - Airport Jullian Ann - Confess "Robert Vadney Dub Vocal" 10p Paul Oakenfold Presents... Rusko Ft. Amber Coffman "Oakenfold remix" Armin Van Buuren ft. Ray Wilson - Another Day DJ Orkidea - Move In Dash Berlin ft Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run Solarstone - Slowmotion Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They Come "Robert Vadney remix" Jamaster A - Bells of Tiananmen "Rovert Vadney's Tankman Remake" 11pm Gustav's Personal Collection Mix Golfman & Tsukerman “One Way Back” The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony” (alex astero & evan sax club mix) Smashing Pumpkins “1979″ (jeff devas mix) Arty “Twilight Tonight” (moodfreak remix) Muse “Resistance” (tiesto remix) The Thrillseekers Vs. M.I.K.E. “Effectual” (peetu s remix) U2 “I Will Follow” (josh patrick remix)
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Modern Mix playlist 7/10/10

7pm Bootleggers Dozen Andrew WK vs Beastie Boys - Andrew Fights for His Right "Tim G" Green Day vs Offspring - St Jimmy The Prankster "American Edit" Tom Jones vs The Specials - Unusual Rudy "El Barto & Liam B The Germs vs The Ramones - Forming You "The Illuminoids" BRMC vs Basement Jaxx - Whatever Happened To My Head"Soundhog" Rockwell vs Men At WOrk - Who's Watching? "Arty Fufkin" B52's vs Stray Cats - The Love Cats Shack "MadMixMustang" The Police vs Rick James - Put On THe Superfreak "Lee Buzz" Jimmi Hendrix vs Muse - the blackout cries mary "DJ Johnny Red" Iggy Pop vs The Monkees vs Roling Stones... - Lust for a Paranoid Train "CCC" COldplay vs Mark Ronson - God Put a Smile On mY face "Cheekyboy" Gnarls Barkley vs The Vapors - daddy's gone japanese  "cygh" Dandy Warhols vs ACDC vs B52's - Bohemian Thunder Depeche Mode vs The Bravery - Honest Loss "DJ Tripp" 8pm No Doubt - Hella Good Orgy - Fiction The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us Moby - We Are All Made of Stars Weezer - Dope Nose Beck - Devil's Haircut The Vines - Get Free GOrillaz - Clint Eastwood Filter - Where do we go from here The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You SO Cornershop - Lessons Learned.... Gravity Kills - Guilty 9pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... Unknown - Mother Durga Faithless -  Not Going Home "Eric Prydz remix" Loverush UK - Different World 2010 Afrojack - Pacha on Acid Big World - Quadrillion "Moquai remix" Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They Come "S. CHurch & S. Holmes remix" Paul Oakenfold - Sex and Money Deelay - Infatuation 10pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... Armin Van Buuren - Another Day Kenneth Thomas - Iron Sharpens Iron Cosmic Gate - Under Your Spell Southside SPinners - Luvstruck 2010 Solar Stone  - Slowmotion Paul Oakenfold - Firefly "Robert Vadney remix" Jullian Ann  - Confess Tritonal - Utopia 11pm Gustav's Personal Collection Mix Gary Numan “Cars” (razormaid mix) Arty Pres. Alpha 9 “Come Home” Carolina Liar “I’m Not Over” (adam k & soha remix) Owl City “Umbrella Beach” (kenny hayes remix) Kings Of Leon “Use Somebody” (chew fu festival fix) Muse “Resistance” (tiesto remix) Thomas Bronzwaer “Collider” (jorn van deynhoven remix) Coldplay “Viva La Vida” (mike koglin bootleg mix)
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where did you get that name

Spin magazine or I guess I should say www.spinmag.com has a column, Why They're Called... and this weeks is the lovely band who has taken 94/7 over by storm. click... Cage the Elephant ...click It seems kind of fitting with the way they got their name. I like mystery though, like Blink 182. No one ever asks how they got the name "BLINK" they are more wondering why 182? Is it the total count of F-bombs in Scarface, Mark's Ideal weight.... does it matter..how about U2 or Beastie Boys or even Jack Johnson...where did they get their names?
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Modern Mix 7/3/10

7pm - Bootleggers Dozen Talking Heads vs Robert Palmer - Addicted to a psycho Killer "DJ Earlybird" Coldplay vs Extreme - More than a scientist "MightyMike" The Caesars vs Duran Duran - Jerk It Out On Film "DJ Nite" Peter, Bjorn and John vs The Cure - Young Cats "Team9" The Killers vs Van Halen - Mr Jumpside "Party Ben" Johnny Cash vs Pearl Jam vs Funkadelic "Hurt My Maggot Brain "El Barto and Liam B" Beastie Boys vs Duran Duran - Nowtorious "Mixamatosis" The La's vs SMokey Robinson - She Tracks My Tears "Futuro" Hot Hot Heat vs David Bowie - Let's Talk to Me, Let's Dance "Party Ben" Jet vs The Animal - Are You Gonna Be My Animal "Chaos Productions" Dead Kennedys vs Dianna Ross - Too Upside Down to F "DJ Earlybird" Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence "Soundhog" Bloc Party vs Teddy Bears ft. Iggy Pop - Two More Punk Rockers "Electrosound" 8pm Beck - Timebomb Peter, Bjorn and JOhn - Young Folks Interpol - The Heinrich Manuver The Gorillaz - Feed Good Inc THe Killers - SHadowplay Metro Station - Shake It The SHins - Phantom Limb Feist - My Moon My Man Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye Muse - Starlight Motion City Soundtrack Mika - Grace Kelly 9pm - Paul Oakenfold Presents... Energy 52 - Cafe Del Perfecto "Kenneth Thomas" Afrojack - Pacha on Acid Paul Oakenfold ft. Matt Goss - Firefly "nat Monday Mix" Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun "Andrew FOnda remix" Paul Oakenfold ft. Suzie Del Vecchio - Mesmerized "Carl Noren & Swedish Egil Mix" Infected Mushroom ft Perry Farrel - Killing Time "Carel Noren & Swedish Egil Mix" Paul Oakenfold ft. Pharell - Sex & Money"Carl Noren & Swedish Egil Mix" Joey Modus & Kazell - SLackjaw Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They Come "robert Vadney remix" 10p Paul Oakenfold presents... Jan Johnston - Sleeping Satellite "Robert Vadney's Blamed remix" Mansun - Wide Open Space "Greg Downey remix" Kaskade with Tiesto ft. Haley Ram - Ramsterdam Robert Vadney - Fallen Angels Symphony Loverush UK ft. Shelley Harload - Different World 2010 Muse - Resistance "tiesto remix" 11pm Gustav's Personal Collection Mix EDX “Hoover” (adam k remix) Metric “Help I’m Alive” (the twelves remix) Red Hot Chili Peppers “Hump De Bump” Oliver Smith “Sunday” Owl City “Fireflies” (pitron & sanna mainroom mix) Infected Mushroom Feat. Perry Farrell “Killing Time” Green Day “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” (dj solovey remix) Rex Mundi “Kalua Islands” (paronator remix)
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an interesting blog if you are into audio

You know those guys at concerts that sit in that area blocked off area and is always pushing buttons and sliding knobs...Yeah, the sound guy. Here is a blog from a guy who seems to do everything huge. He just got done doing last summers Blink 182 tour and he has a very interesting blog if you are into all things audio. Like I said, it's interesting. http://ratsound.com/cblog/
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Things to do things to do.

I am a big fan and and sometimes contributer with photo's for a great site for knowing what is going on in Portland "PDX Pipeline". If you wondered how does Squid know when these weird things are going on that he is taking photos of...Well that is the awesome site www.pdxpipeline.com and while looking around I found something very cool that is going on tomorrow...GO! http://pdxpipeline.com/2010/06/30/portland-first-thursday-ground-kontrol-with-shepard-fairey/
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Some things to add to your music library

Levi's is doing something cool and has come current artists doing covers of great songs of the past... http://www.levispioneersessions.com/ Check out the Passion Pit doing the cover of Smashing Pumpkins...A+ Also the great band that happens to be local The Thermals has some new stuff and you can add it also to your music library http://stereogum.com/423222/the-thermals-i-dont-believe-you/mp3s/
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Modern Mix 5/1/10

7pm - Bootleggers Dozen Cake vs Gorillaz - Never Feel Good "Party Ben" Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs Green Day - Gold Lion of Broken Dreams "G3RSt" Martha & The Vandellas vs The Dead 60's feat. Supertramp - Riot Wave "DJ Moule" The Killers vs Van Halen - Mr. Jumpside "Party Ben" White Stripes vs Kraftwerk - Blue Antenna "Team9" The Archeis vs The Velvet Underground vs Basement Jaxx - Velvet Sugar "Go Home Productions" John Lennon vs The Temptations vs Jim Morrison - Imagine a Confused Palistine Woman "Team9" Oasis vs The Ramones - Wonder Pop "Jimmi Jammes" The Hives - Walk Idiot, Walk "TimG" Pink Floyd vs Nancy Sinatra - Another Boot in The Wall "DJ Earlybird" Beck - I Need Your Love "Joolsmf" Louis XIV vs Devo vs The Knack - Finding Out Sharona is Blind "Party Ben" The Strokes vs Chemical Brothers - The Modern Chemical Age "LockDown Mix" 8pm Spoon - Don't You Evah Silversun Pickups - Well Thought Out Twinkles The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch Switches - Drama Queen B-52's - Funplex Muse - Knights of Cydonia Beck - Timebomb Amy Winehouse - Rehab Tegan & Sara - Back In  Your Head Gnarls Barkely - Run Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank Metro Stations - Shake It 9pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... Energy 52 - Cafe Del Perfecto "Kenneth Thomas Mashup" Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun "Andrew Fonda Remix" Adam K & Hook N Sling - Working Kings Cross David Vendetta ft Syd Bayliss - She Turns Around "Hook N Sling Mix" Josh Gallahan - 1st Strike "Progressive Mix" R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments "Robert Vadney Mix" Paul Oakenfold - The Harder They Come "Robert Vadney Mix" Paul Oakenfold - Sex and Money "Adam White Stripe Mashup" 10pm Paul Oakenfold Presents... DJ Orkidea - Unity Paul Oakenfold ft. Matt Goss - Firefly "Nat Monday Mix" Marcus Schossow pres. Progresia - Galandia Push Vs. Klems - Tomorrow is Another Day "Caromax remix" TasteXperience - Summersault "airwave remix" Robert Vadney - Gothansia Dreas pres. Havanah Havannah "Genix remix" Solarstone - Slave "Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky Remix" 11pm Gustav's Personal Collection Mix Matt Darey Pres. Urban Astronauts “Black Flowers” (incognet remix) New Order “True Faith” (morel’s pink noise club mix) The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” (axwell & dirty south remix) Yaz “Don’t Go” (whorehouse remix) Lifehouse “Halfway Gone” (jody den broeder club mix) The Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up” (2010 dj nejtrino & dj stranger dub mix) Tritonal Feat. Christina Soto “Forgive Me, Forget Me” Carolina Liar “I’m Not Over” (adam k & soha remix)
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