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Splash Page photo for January 12th

a new beginning It was an amazing sunrise but once it was time for the sun to make an appearence it was a let down, sorta, no sun. The clouds had taken over but it did make for a pre sunrise.
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Splash Page photo for January 6th

Snow Cap Umbrella Man This was taken during the first snow storm before we could count the depth in feet. It's an instant fav for me. I love "Allow Me" man, or known as Umbrella man. The guy who made "allow me" is Seward Johnson and I've looked at a few things he's done and they are usually the same type of guy. Sitting or like ours fitting our weather with the umbrella. I never would of guessed it would be called allow me though. I would think it would have to do with getting a cab not being polite, the opposite of "allow me"
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Splash Page Photo for December 23rd

Snow! A snow locked Portland Oregon
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Splash Page for Dec. 15th

Peacock Lane is Now open Peacock Lane opened tonight 12/15. Check out www.peacocklane.net it's pretty much in SE Portland on 40th between Stark and Belmont.
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Splash Page for Dec. 10th

December to Remember has started and once I put up the Santacon splash page photo I realized, well, we are in the middle of December to Remember time to put up those photo's. Vampire Weekend is Friday so, time is tickin...

Franz Ferdinand

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Splash Page photo for Dec. 8th

Santacon happened this weekend, I also heard of rumors of one the 13th but have no info on it. Santacon is....a pubcrawl "people walking or crawling from bar to bar like most friday nights for some people" but in Santa Suits or Christmas related attire. I love it and it's fun. I don't drink and never have so it's kind of odd for me to love this event but it's a blast to see "my friends" and so many others have a good time in a Santa costume. a: check out my photo's from the event b: check out a right up from fellow blogger at PDX Pipeline c: be ready for next years. North Portland Santacon 2008
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Splash Page photo for this week of Dec. 1st

the city that shines We have had some crazy clouds during the mornings over the last 3 weeks. I think over the next couple weeks I'll be going to Peacock Lane, the huge tree at Pioneer Square and Zoo lights along with getting a tree of my own....Stay tuned for the goodness of Winter.
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