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Dave Matthews Band Weekend

Over Labor Day Weekend I spent 5 days camping with friends and checking out 3 DMB shows at the best venue in the world The Gorge Amphitheater... here is a taste of the FUN!
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I saw Ida Maria When

She was amazing. She had a killer voice, that added with enough speakers could tear the roof of that mother. She looked like Robert Smith from the Cure without the makeup. Crazy hair that she continued to rat throughout the show. AWESOME!!!

Ida Maria

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Keep Portland Weird

This last weekend was the Portland Urban Iditarod. It's just like the real Iditarod that goes on in Alaska but without the snow and dogs. It's a pub crawl from 5 or 6 different bars. The sleds are convcrted shopping carts, teams of 5 with costumes and havic/fun. Here are my photo's.
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Splash Page photo for January 12th

a new beginning It was an amazing sunrise but once it was time for the sun to make an appearence it was a let down, sorta, no sun. The clouds had taken over but it did make for a pre sunrise.
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Splash Page photo for January 6th

Snow Cap Umbrella Man This was taken during the first snow storm before we could count the depth in feet. It's an instant fav for me. I love "Allow Me" man, or known as Umbrella man. The guy who made "allow me" is Seward Johnson and I've looked at a few things he's done and they are usually the same type of guy. Sitting or like ours fitting our weather with the umbrella. I never would of guessed it would be called allow me though. I would think it would have to do with getting a cab not being polite, the opposite of "allow me"
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Splash Page Photo for December 23rd

Snow! A snow locked Portland Oregon
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Airborne Toxic Event and Carolina Liar

Carolina Liar Airborne Toxic Event AMAZING, it's the only way I can describe the show. Thanks to all the people who made it with all the weather we are having. If you work for DHL and made the show could you of atleast delivered my package to me since you can't during work hours, the weather is to harsh. BUT, The Airborne Toxic Event put on an amazing show, maybe the best I've seen all year. For a band who's album came out just a few months ago and being a new band they rocked the shit out of the Crystal Ballroom. They said they are coming back in February at the Doug Fir so stay tuned for more information. ahh, Carolina Liar, of course another great show by a band that know's how to do it. I am sorry that Chad the lead singer's voice packed up and flew home for the winter. But he toughed it out and continued to rock his way through the show. I would see them anytime they come through town. Super nice guy's and love what they are doing.
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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend Here are some photo's from the December to Remember show with Vampire Weekend/Chairlift. I haven't got the Chairlift pictures done yet but they are coming.
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Splash Page for Dec. 15th

Peacock Lane is Now open Peacock Lane opened tonight 12/15. Check out www.peacocklane.net it's pretty much in SE Portland on 40th between Stark and Belmont.
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Splash Page for Dec. 10th

December to Remember has started and once I put up the Santacon splash page photo I realized, well, we are in the middle of December to Remember time to put up those photo's. Vampire Weekend is Friday so, time is tickin...

Franz Ferdinand

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