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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 9/29/14


U2 "Until The End Of The World"
REM "E-bow The Letter"
Pearl Jam "Immortality"
The Go Gos "We Got The Beat"
The Cars "Sad Song"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (9/29/14)

Michael Schulte "The Maze" (Germany)
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People : Michael Schulte


Snapshot of Passport Approved (9/25/14)

Teleman "23 Floors Up" (England)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 9/25/14


Neutral MIlk Hotel "Holland, 1945"
Nirvana "Drain You"
Radiohead "Idioteque"
R.E.M. "Losing My Religion"
Elliott Smith "Waltz #2"
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 9/24/14


Wild Cub "Thunder Clatter"
Bleachers "I Wanna Get Better"
Kongos "I'm Only Joking"
Foster The People "Best Friend"
Gotye "Easy Way Out"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (9/24/14)

Milky Chance "Stunner" (Kassel, Germany)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 9/23/14

My Goodness (Joel, Andy, Cody)

Portugal. The Man "Atomic Man"
The Sonics "I'm Going Home"
Fidlar "Wait For The Man"
Skaters "Miss Teen Massachusetts"
Tom Petty "You Don't Know How It Feels"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (9/23/14)

These Reigning Days "Thrones" (Devon, England)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 9/18/14


The Mowglis "San Francisco"
Grouplove "Ways To Go"
Tame Impala "Elephant"
Leagues "Spotlight"
The Neighbourhood "Sweater Weather"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (9/18/14)

Dorsal Fins "Monday Tuesday" (Melbourne, Australia)
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Locations : Melbourne


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