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Snapshot of "Passport Approved" (7/6/15)

Reptile Youth "Away" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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Widmer Brothers "Perfect Playlist" (7/6/15)


L7 "Pretend We're Dead"
B 52s "Rock Lobster"
Blondie "Hanging On The Telephone"
Pearl Jam "Worldwide Suicide"
The Cars "Sad Song"
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Widmer Brothers "Perfect Playlist" (7/2/15)


The Wallflowers "6th Avenue Heartache"
Pearl Jam "Black"
Santigold "Disparate Youth"
Florence & The Machine "Shake It Out"
Glass Animals "Gooey"
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Locations : Florence


Snapshot of "Passport Approved" (7/2/15)

Rat Boy "Sign On" (England)
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Wider Brothers "Perfect Playlist" (7/1/15)


Horse Feathers "Violently Wild"
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down "When We Swam"
Leon Bridges "Coming Home"
Sylvan Esso "Hey Mami"
Dresses "Sun Shy"
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Snapshot of "Passport Approved" (7/1/15)

Rah Rah "Be Your Man" (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Locations : Saskatchewan


Widmer Brothers "Perfect Playlist" (6/30/15)


White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"
Arctic Monkeys "505"
The Kinks "Catch Me Now I'm Falling"
Interpol "Slow Hands"
Blink 182 "Adams Song"
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Topics : Human Interest


Snapshot of "Passport Approved" (6/30/15)

Boy "We Were Here" (Germany/Switzerland)
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Widmer Brothers "Perfect Playlist" (6/29/15)


The Cure "Letter To Elise"
Counting Crows "A Long December"
No Doubt "End It On This"
Sia "Breathe"
Pearl Jam "Black"
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Snapshot of "Passport Approved" (6/29/15)

Paceshifters "State Of Mind" (Holland)
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