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Olympics and Gorillaz

I am a huge Gorillaz fan, so much I own their toys also. :) Gorillaz White Kid Robot Vinyl Toys Anyway, The BBC Olympic Trailer was posted on the internet today and it's pretty interesting to see the same animation from all the Gorillaz stuff without the Gorillaz. I guess Jamie Helwett and Damon Albarn are taking over the UK.

07/24/2008 4:40PM
Olympics and Gorillaz
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07/27/2008 5:08PM
hey there squidly! you have one of those g'rillaz posters like we have in the 94/7 studio? i think i saved one so just say the word, my man!
08/06/2008 12:40PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey:_Journey_to_the_West :)
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