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Gorillaz doing it live on AOL sessions

I love the Gorillaz so much I have the complete toy set. I know they are visually a fake band but Damon the lead singer is the only really face of the band and his cartoon is fake...but  the guitarist in this video might be the real Murdoc "Captain Hat". But it's great, have a view of the Gorillaz behind the cartoon!

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07/16/2010 3:28PM
Gorillaz doing it live on AOL sessions
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08/02/2010 2:29PM
Dude! The Captain Hats are 1/2 of the clash. Mick Jones and Paul Simonon on bass. Granted, not as much of an arse as Merdoc or as cute as Noodle, but cool IMO. Love this song BTW. Thanks for sharing. ~n
01/14/2011 2:11PM
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