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Squid hits 94/7 every weeknight at 7pm for a Slice of New Music Heaven, your daily repeat of the 8 at 8, and the Buffalo Wild Wings Top 9 at 9!

He also takes pretty rockin' photos. Check 'em out!

I started too early

It was Fall, the weather should be bad and in the very low 60's or 50's..but hey, it's Beardtober and soon to be Novembeard and Decembeard and Bearduary.

10/28/2008 4:18PM
I started too early
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10/28/2008 5:41PM
Give it a few months and you can join us at the Ministry of Ludicrous Facial Hair. BTW, rumor has it that your program manager and the Geico lizard are the same entity. Please confirm/deny. Also, do Dr. Drew and Stryker have a stash of photos that might impugn the character of KNRK management? Because if they don't, I can't figure out for the life of me why they are still on 94.7 five nights a week. P.S. Great photos on the site!
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