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I’m a PC

I liked the Jerry Seinfeld commercials but Microsoft changed direction for the time being to have a purpose, everything can't be about nothing. I'm A PC, it seems like everyone with an empty credit card can be trendy and have the latest version of anything. I do, get the wonderful opportunity to use a Mac and it's usually not fun. It's a work computer but it also sucks, and by sucks, I mean it's a gutless piece of junk. It recently died for no reason and Producer Brian lost a crap load of iTunes stuff. Now I have that same computer with Leopard OSX. Just like when Vista came out people wanted to install that to their old computer, it just didn't work. Now I have a lag filled Mac, it's almost the anti Mac that is a Mac. Any way’s, I have a PC, I work in my production room and in the studio with 5 pc's and 1 mac. No more rant, don't get me started on a certain worldly photography store in town...... Here is the latest Microsoft commercial. I like Gates/Seinfeld version but... this is a lot better

09/19/2008 10:04AM
I’m a PC
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