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Congrats to Leanne White!

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It's that time of year to over-spend on calendars (or just wait til Jan 2nd when you can get them for about 90% off the regular price) and here's 2 new ones that may be considered 'different'! A lesbian Barbie calendar created by two guys in Argentina (they're being sued by Barbie so get your mitts on them...the calendar I mean...asap)!

If a lesbian Barbie calendar isn't your thing...how about a roadkill calendar? The U.K.'s Kevin Beresford is a mail courier and came up with the idea while in route from small town to small town in rural England. Gross!

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The former 'White Stag' and 'Made In Oregon' sign as it looks today! The red nose is a nice touch during the month of December!
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(This is how close you are to the 'scenery' from the balcony of your room at the Cannery Pier Hotel!) The above title isn’t as famous as The Kinks’ ‘Victoria’ but it sounds similar and there really should be a song about one of my favorite areas in the entire state of Oregon. It’s not fancy-pants like some other places along the coast but it’s the real deal if you’re looking for a quick day or two ‘getaway’ from the Portland area! If you want the beach with those picaresque waves I’d suggest somewhere else. Same goes for those fancy boutique stores with overpriced wares (can’t you find those in the city?). However, if you want something truly unique with a sense of ‘real’ community then you need to spend at least 24 hours in Astoria just as I did recently. Just a little over an hour away from the Portland metropolitan area out Highway 26 (a bit longer if you stop at the Goodwill just outside of town to buy cassettes!) and North of Seaside up Highway 101 lies Astoria. The heart of Astoria isn’t on but near the coast along the mouth of the Columbia River. A map view before you get going will help get your bearings! There are a few great places to stay in Astoria but none match the Cannery Pier Hotel which is actually an old fish cannery along the docks that has become a boutique hotel. Rooms include a giant clawfoot tub, wi-fi, a cozy fireplace and views like no other hotel in town. Where else can you wake up, slide open your patio door and watch enormous ships enveloped by a foggy sky (it’s November!) as they travel silently underneath a bridge that separates Oregon from Washington? You can also enjoy their ‘reception’ every evening (free wine and treats!), fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at night and even get a ‘taxi’ to/from town (3-5 min) in one of their vintage automobiles! When booking ask for Donna Quinn (donnaq@cannerypierhotel.com) or Kathleen Sullivan (kathleen@cannerypierhotel.com) and tell them I sent you. They’re both ‘rock stars’ and will do their best to hook you up! Below are some photos and captions from my recent 24 hour ‘getaway’ to Astoria with more to follow! Enjoy!

(The vintage 'taxi cabs' that await you and the lobby at the amazing Cannery Pier Hotel)

(Mary Todd's Workers Bar! Great burger and good bar trivia!) Astoria is brewing with some amazing new coffee joints plus a historic theater!

Like the name of this locally owned spot!

A trip to Astoria is not complete without breakfast or dinner here:

and don't forget this view from your room at the Cannery Pier Hotel (www.cannerypierhotel.com)

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and meet your maker! One of my favorite videos from the early days of MTV!

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Jim Davis had to apologize for the above strip which ran on 'Veterans Day'. Critics saw it as making fun of the holiday that honors those who served in the military. Hmm. The timing may have been off but I don't think Mr. Davis was trying to offend anyone.
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These images are being proposed by the Food and Drug Administration and the Dept. of Health and Human Services to help reduce tobacco use! Here are some more examples as well as the proposed text to accompany them.

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is Beady Eye! Here's a link for a FREE download which I'm sure I'll find a way to love despite the band's horrendous name! http://www.beadyeyemusic.co.uk/
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So far both the U.S. Navy and Pentagon are baffled by this!

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