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The Kinect for the XBox 360 gets put through its paces!

Last weekend, marked the first full weekend that I had the Kinect for the XBox 360 at my house, and needless to say, it got a LOT of use!  My son and I had already played some of the games on it (most notably the Kinect Sports and Kinectimals titles), but my wife also had the chance to get in on the action when she was taking a break from work.  So, Saturday afternoon our 6 year old son had one of his friends over for a few hours, and the two of them had a ton of fun with the Kinect for the XBox 360.  Even though this other little boy had NEVER even seen the Kinect before, he quickly learned the moves and strategy necessary to play the games well.  The two of them had the most fun with cooperative play in the table tennis game on Kinect Sports (as seen in the photo below).  It was great seeing them throw each other high fives and jump around in celebration after a slam or an ace.  Their avatars even mimicked their moves!  In a few days, I'm going to bite the bullet and start working with the Kinect Fitness game.  Wish me luck! Find out more about the Kinect for the XBox 360 at

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01/12/2011 8:51AM
The Kinect for the XBox 360 gets put through its paces!
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01/12/2011 9:11AM
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01/14/2011 4:52AM
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