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What’s Your Beef (3/16)?

To a certain insurance company with three letters in their name:

You guys can darned well do without your millions of dollars in executive bonuses.  You've already taken $140 Billion in economic bailout money.  Don't you think that's enough?  How about you take some accountability for your actions and cancel the trips to the massage parlor, the exclusive golf getaways, the trips to Vegas, the corporate jets, etc...  How about you guys live like REAL people and fly coach and hit Chuck E. Cheese on the weekends like the rest of us do?  Our country is seeing the worst unemployment rate in 25 years, yet you see fit to continue to spend money like it's going out of style.  I'm fed up with you feeling as though you can hold the rest of the world hostage with the statement that if you fail, it will be economic chaos.  You're already a failure in my mind.  
What's your beef? 

03/16/2009 4:22PM
What’s Your Beef (3/16)?
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