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What’s Your Beef (3/13)?

This is sort of a "driving part two" entry.  I know that Portland is a friendly city, and that people are just trying to be courteous, but waving me to go ahead across two lanes of traffic when I'm trying to make a left turn in front of you is very dangerous.  I know that you've stopped your car, but what about the other lane?  Are they going to stop as well?  That's a good way to get in to a T-bone accident.  Then of course when I don't want to go, I do my best to wave at you furiously to just keep going, but then you wave to me just as furiously to cross in front of you.  Don't be courteous and wave me across!  I'll just wait until traffic clears, thank you.  What's your beef?

03/13/2009 5:37PM
What’s Your Beef (3/13)?
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