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What’s Your Beef (3/10)?

My beef for today is the orange Lamborghini that I saw parked in NW Portland earlier this afternoon.  My beef isn't the tinted tail lights, nor is it the vanity plates on the car.  My beef, personally, is the idea that if you're going to be driving a "hey look at how incredibly cool I am" kind of vehicle, keep it to the primary colors, ok?  This same car in black, red or even white would have looked all sorts of awesome, in the sense that it would have been understated.  If you're driving a Lamborghini, you don't need vanity plates or a garish color to make yourself stand out from the crowd any more, my friend...  "Ok, Gustav" you might ask, "Do you have something against luxury sports cars?  Do you feel intimidated or insignificant in that you don't drive one yourself?"  Nah.  If I had that kind of money to be spending on a car, I certainly wouldn't be driving that one.  For me, it would be a Mercedes 500 CLS, or a BMW 760Li (even though I'm not that big of a fan of the new body styles).  Why?  Because I'm a guy in his late thirties with a mortgage and a 4 year old, that's why.  and in my opinion, the Germans make cars superior to the Italians (there, I said it). Oh, and with the money left over, I'd pay off some credit cards.  

What's your beef?

03/10/2009 2:41PM
What’s Your Beef (3/10)?
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