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Western Digital Hard Drive RIP (2007 - 2009)

wdfmybook_premium_1su.jpgAh yes, my beautiful sweet 500 Gb external companion!  I shall always remember the good times.  All of that music and photo data that I so meticulously backed up on you over the months.  Those few times that you seemed to be file indexing your contents for way too long, or mysteriously wouldn't power down.  The dust bunnies that I dutifully blew out of your casing with my pursed lips every 17 days or so.  I'll certainly miss your single electric blue eye that would wink at me from time to time, not to mention your finely rounded and polished black exterior.  For a time, I felt somewhat guilty that I was cheating on you with your smaller and more portable cousin, the "Passport" but in hindsight, I'm certainly glad that I did.  Had I not backed up my thousands of Mp3s or family photos and important documents on to that drive, all of that stuff that I had on you would now be lost forever.  So, it is with great regret that I look up on your website  http://support  to find that you sadly passed out of warranty months ago.  Now and again, my sweet, I will power you on with the hopes that you might miraculously emerge from your coma, but alas, I am still greeted by the telltale "three clicks of death", and your drive spins down once again.  Given my lack of ability to resuscitate you, I have no choice but to gently put you in to a cardboard coffin and quietly shelve you in the Tech Graveyard that is my garage.  I suppose that I might be able to find another updated version of you to replace that space on my desk that will seem so empty, but for now, I shall trust all of my information to the new girl in my life.  Sure, she's not quite as pretty, and she can't hold as much, but with her less moving parts, I feel a little more secure with her.  Her name is Lacie.

01/26/2009 5:08PM
Western Digital Hard Drive RIP (2007 - 2009)
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01/26/2009 8:13PM
Thank you for this beautiful ode to our dear friends brought to us by Western Digital. I will read this tonight to my Passport, as I dutifully back up my recent musical research. May mine last longer than yours!
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