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/cheer @ Blizzard

Thank you, Blizzard for this NPC quest giver in "World Of Warcraft"! 

01/06/2009 11:29PM
/cheer @ Blizzard
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01/07/2009 3:25PM
Exciting as Sadie Hawkens invite? And you know this from personal experience?? nyuk nyuk nyuk! Too bad it wasn't some snarling beast, like "Gustav the Destroyer!"
01/07/2009 3:29PM
Well, I've never actually been asked to a Sadie Hawkins dance. I wasn't the most popular of people in High School. Still, I think I'm going to email the folks at Blizzard and see what I can find out about this "Father Gustav" guy.
01/07/2009 3:39PM
heh, I am still looking for that "It could be me" char in game. Definitly email Blizzard, I my self would like to know who this char is. Did they honor our Gustav?? Hmm..."Gustav the Destroyer" sounds like a raid waiting to happen :)
01/07/2009 5:53PM
And surely you saw the South Park episode about WoW. . .one of the greatest ones ever!
01/07/2009 8:04PM
I can honestly say that when I got to Icecrown and saw this NPC I thought of you. And hey, he works with the group that both factions like.
01/08/2009 12:33AM
Ah! Gustav! Alliance!? How could you!?!!?
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