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HBO Goes To War

Quite by accident, I discovered the mini-series "Generation Kill" on HBO a few weeks ago.  It was a 7 part mini-series which followed the life and times of a detachment of soldiers over in Iraq.  To be honest, I was sort of surprised that I hadn't heard more about it.  The series does a great job of not being overly political in nature, and never seems to take a solid stance as to whether the creators are for or against the war in Iraq.  What the series does achieve is the casting  of a stark spotlight on these soldiers and their column of Humvees and trucks as they advance through the desert.  Just as I felt I was beginning to get to know these men and their various nuances, the series was over!  The acting was superb, and the location shots amazing.  For a limited time, it can still be found through Comcast "On Demand."  Highly recommended, but for mature audiences. kill_6001.jpgIt reminded me a lot of another HBO mini-series that I was enthralled with about this time 7 years ago now, that being "Band Of Brothers."  Quite possibly one of the best WWII era pieces that I've ever seen. band_of_brothers_freres_armes_fond_ecran_2_1024×768.jpg

09/17/2008 6:21PM
HBO Goes To War
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