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My wife brought this home from Toys 'R Us last night: warship.jpg Needless to say, my son's thrilled about the prospect of the two of us putting it together.  Sure, the recommended age starts at 7, and he's still only 4, but with some help from Dad, I think we'll have the "Troll Warship" up and running in no time.  It's pretty amazing to think how Lego has changed over the years.  I recall as a kid playing with the "Castle" themed Lego as well, except that it looked more like this: vintage-lego.jpg I was a huge fan of both the "Castle" and "Space" themed Lego sets.  I remember my brother and I getting in to huge drawn out fights because one of us would "mix genres" which of course for your average 10 year old was simply UNACCEPTABLE.  Well, maybe most other kids didn't care, but for some reason I was super retentive about keeping the "Castle" Lego seperate from the "Space" Lego.  My first Lego set featuring the famous "Lego Men" in it was this one: vintage-space.jpg Once I got this set, I was admittedly quite hooked.  I even played with Lego now and again in High School when none of my friends were looking, which was, naturally, extremely NOT cool.  Of course, I was also playing "Dungeons & Dragons."  My "cool" ship had essentially sailed about the time I was 11, so I wasn't too worried.  Visiting the original "Legoland" in Billund, Denmark when I was 13 was like a dream come true for me.  Here's hoping my son enjoys Lego for years to come as much as I have.

08/22/2008 6:30PM
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08/26/2008 10:04AM
Jason Schmidt
Awe the memories. Here is a site for you: It may not look like much, but it is a catalog of nearly every lego set and it's instructions. I actually printed some out for my 80's themed space legos. Thiswas my first space legos set:
08/26/2008 10:41AM
Jason, thanx for sharing! I still have all of my vintage space Lego from back in the day down in the Bay Area. One of these days, I need to get it up here to Portland, so my son and I can build all of them!
09/03/2008 8:53PM
Leah Swanson
I'm not sure if you have more in common with me (you play the best music by a radio DJ I've EVER heard & thank you for not making me feel like I'm a lone electornica fan with a Depeche Mode/New Order/Erasure obsession...) or my son. He's 8, a certified lego freak and I admit, I love putting the stuff together with. His first Xmas gift was a lego set & "Legos" was prolly one of his first 20 words. We spent an hour selecting our most recent lego selection and I've been doing then since I was a wee one too... as for the age rating. It's a laugh. I can't hack the 16+ stuff so I guess in lego years, I'm 9 or sumthin'. A word of advice (I hope it's not too late) try to avoid the Lego Star Wars line. It will make you go broke... There's a $500 one just released... and yes, I want it. Oy.
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