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I Want To Believe

I went to the special midnight screening of the new X Files movie last night (which probably surprises very few of you), and I thought I'd give you a quick review.  The premise of the film is that an FBI agent has gone missing, and Mulder and Scully have enlisted (albeit somewhat begrudgingly), the help of a priest with a dark past who claims to have psychic powers.  As things progress some ghastly discoveries are made, and the plot definitely thickens.  Along with dynamic tension between Mulder and Scully, as well as "Father Joe," the movie delves in to the moral dilemma faced by Scully on whether a boy with a terminal illness should undergo further treatment, or if he should be left in the hands of faith alone.  The movie has some great scenes of suspense and gripping drama, but like a traditional X Files episode, leaves you with numerous unanswered questions and the somewhat vague and empty feeling of simply wanting a bit more.  There were a couple of things that were overdone in my opinion, such as the repeated theme of "faith vs. science" coming up, as well as certain romantic scenes between Mulder and Scully.  A big part of what I liked about the relationship between the two agents in the series, was the underlying fact that there existed a certain attraction and sexual tension between the two of them without there ever being any overt demonstration of that fact.  The movie is decidedly different in the sense that Mulder and Scully are shown as an obvious romantic couple.  This, I feel sort of betrays the relationship that they had in the past, as I always saw them as two magnets of the same polarity.  You know... you could get them very close together, but they'd never quite connect.  In that regard, I miss the old Mulder and Scully.  To their credit, however, the characters have changed little (as has their appearance... wow... they look great!). One of my favorite characters from the series also makes a far too short apperance toward the end of the film.  I really would have liked to have seen more of this character, not to mention some choice others that were sadly neglected in this film in favor of more screen time for a handful of forgettable FBI agents.  All in all, an enjoyable and thought provoking film, but one that leaves with you some un-answered questions.  Perhaps they'll be answered in the next movie 10 years from now?

07/25/2008 3:24PM
I Want To Believe
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