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Broods :: Mississippi Studios :: 05.11.14

Misssissippi Studios played host to an impressive showcase of artists on Sunday night as Holiday Friends, Meg Myers, and Broods packed into the North Portland venue for the most recent installment in 94/7’s “I Saw Them When” concert series.

Much like Hustle & Drone last week, Astoria band Holiday Friends is another PetAid alumni who has gone on fame and fortune as an I Saw Them When opener... and much like Hustle & Drone, these guys did not disappoint, either. Combining crisp vocals with catchy hooks and innovative percussion, the band gave an impressive performance that served as an apt reminder of why they're a consistent fixture at 94/7 shows.

Second opener Meg Myers' performance was equally impressive. It was also a little scary. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter has a magnetic presence and a powerful voice that evokes comparisons to Fiona Apple or Nico Vega's Aja Volkman. On stage, though, she sings with an intensity that occasionally borders on frightening - howling into the mic, rolling her eyes in the back of her head, and staring unblinkingly into the crowd for long stretches of time.

If there's one word that I'd use to describe New Zealand duo Broods, I think "enrapturing" would be most apt. There are many bands that boast enthusiastic crowds at their shows (we recently talked about how impressive the crowd response was at The Colourist and Chvrches), but I've never seen a band with the capacity to create instant fans the way Broods does. Quite a few people I ran into on Sunday hadn't heard more than a couple of the duo's songs at the start of the evening - but singer Georgia Nott's piercing voice and energetic stage presence quickly made believers out of the crowd. Although the Kiwi duo had received a warm reception at the start of the show, by the time they started the first few bars of "Bridges" they were greeted a roar from the crowd that was almost deafening. 

In "Bridges", Georgia poses the question, "Can we forget about it?" If you were at Mississippi Studios on Sunday night, I don't think it's possible - nor would we want to.


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05/14/2014 10:15AM
Broods :: Mississippi Studios :: 05.11.14
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05/15/2014 12:27PM
Broods/Meg Myers
Hmph. I actually thought Meg outshined Broods. I went to the show to see Broods but left a Meg Myers fan, she was amazing and made me miss all the great female singer songwriters from the 90's. I like Broods and hope to see them develop more, but I didn't think their set was great, their performance was pretty monotone and I felt like at one point all the songs melted together and you couldn't tell one from the other. I wanted to be blown away but I left feeling kinda blah about it.
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