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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 5/30/14


MGMT "The Youth"
Gorillaz "On Melancholy Hill"
The Killers "Spaceman"
Neon Trees "Animal"
Modest Mouse "Float On"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (5/30/14)

Kasabian "Eez Eh" (England)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 5/29/14


Devo "Freedom of Choice"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Coffee Shop"
The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It"
Smashing Pumpkins "An Ode To No One"
U2 "New Year's Day"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (5/29/14)

Dan Sultan "The Same Man" (Australia)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 5/28/14


The Shins "Kissing The Lipless"
Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition"
Guster "Satellite"
Brandon Flowers "Crossfire"
Capital Cities "Safe & Sound"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (5/28/14)

Bohicas "Swarm" (Essex, England)
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Sasquatch 2014 ::: Gorge Amphitheatre

Sasquatch Music Festival is the ultimate NW Music Festival. Several genres of music, performed on five stages within 3 days. The main Sasquatch stage, built seemingly upon a canvas of painted scenery, which in fact is just the very real, very beautiful Gorge of George, Washington.  The combination of the nature and the coverage of so many different types of music make this festival one for every human to enjoy.  Below are some of the acts I believed to be highlights of my 2014 Sasquatch Music Festival. I wish it was humanly possible to see and hear each band and artist perform. However, I suppose that’s the beauty of a festival—every individual has a unique experience to share.

KONGOS | The Kongos brothers gave the crowd a joyful set before transitioning into what most didn’t expect -- a beat-bumping performance from their respected friend Moe’z Art, who rapped over their instrumental mix to Come Together by The Beatles and Nuthin’ But A G Thang by Dr. Dre. The band transitioned back to their more predictable style, but the crowd’s energy level stayed high as they played Come With Me Now

THE NAKED AND FAMOUS | Being at Sasquatch stage level of the amphitheater (or as some refer to as the pit) for this performance I got to observe the chemistry the five band mates had together. Although they were clad in all black, The Naked and Famous colored the stage with their excitement of performing for a full main stage crowd. 

FOALS | True to the electric and interactive nature of their performances, lead man Yannis Philippakis crowd surfed, electric guitar in hand while he and his band continued to play their set on Sasquatch on the first day. The band covered songs from all albums, including Inhaler and My Number.

FOSTER THE PEOPLE | Foster The People delivered a high energy sunset performance on the Sasquatch stage, playing majority of their Supermodel album, along with Houdini, a clear audience favorite. It was hard to tell if the crowd was feeding off the band’s energy, or the band was feeding off the crowd’s, but the vibe was incredible all around the amphitheater.

FIRST AID KIT | This was folk music done so right. These ladies brought a crowd-pleasing, soothing energy to Sasquatch. The two sisters performed their original songs, including tracks from their new album Stay Gold, along with covers of Paul Simon and Johnny Cash on the main stage. It was a perfect vibe for a mid-afternoon on the hill. Their voices complimented the vast Gorge scenery in a way that was enchanting.

CITY AND COLOUR | This was also an awesome set for sitting on the hill during the day time, looking outwards to the gorgeous view. Sasquatch attracts a large amount of people from Canada, and being a Canadian band, it seemed to me that the crowd consisted of many fans from the home land. As I looked around, many sung along to Hello, I’m In Delaware.

WASHED OUT | Performing on the Bigfoot stage on the second day, Washed Out played All I Know, a harmonious song that was placed beautifully in their set at so close to sundown. This set turned out to be one of the most buzzed-about of the weekend.

M.I.A. | It was fun seeing M.I.A. live, since she tours so infrequently. As to be expected, M.I.A. brought the fire performing favorites Paper Planes (which she cut with Lorde’s Royals) Bad Girls, Galang, and Boyz, all the while two dancers powerfully danced along-side her on stage. Her colorful lightshow was wonderfully stimulating, in view of the Gorge’s late-sunset canvas.

BANKS | What an utterly captivating performance by this woman. Her voice is alluring and sultry, and even more beautiful than the artist herself. Performing This Is What It Feels Like, Goddess, and her acoustic rendition of Aaliyah’s early ‘90s R&B hit Are U That Somebody?, this performance was one I stumbled on by chance, and turned out to be a highlight of my festival experience. 

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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 5/27/14


Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Pearl Jam "Black"
Soundgarden "Rusty Cage"
Alice In Chains "Man In The Box"
Hole "Doll Parts"
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Snapshot of Passport Approved (5/27/14)

Sheppard "Geronimo" (Australia)
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Widmer Bros. "Perfect Playlist" 5/23/14


Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes"
Frank Ocean "Thinkin' Bout You"
Prince "If I Was Your Girlfriend"
Andy Stott "Leaving"
Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again"
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